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Wet & Crazy Party at the Roastery!

by The Klatch Team

2012 was a kick-ass year for the caffeinated freaks here at "Klatchville". It was only fitting to celebrate the beginning of 2013 with a wet and crazy party at the Upland Roastery. The place turned out to be a mini fair, having 2 bouncers for kids (also for drunk adults) and a dunk tank where the Perrys got crazy soaked! If pictures paint a thousand words then maybe these images can sum up what happened that night.

After enjoying the night eating, drinking, making animal balloons and mingling with the crew, our very own Barista champ, Heather Perry gathered everyone to host our annual Latte Art Relay. Basically, four teams of 8-9 Baristas have to create the best latte (art and taste) and go through crazy obstacles. After going through the crazy madness, three judges (including Mike Perry) picked the winner with the best combination of artistry and flavor. We honestly don't remember who won... maybe it was group 3 (the judges had too much happy juice). Overall, it was a night to remember and one for the books. We're glad to start the year with this great bonding experience, making us more optimistic to a productive and successful 2013.

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Wet & Crazy Party at the Roastery!
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