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Klatch at Imbibe Magazine's 5 To Try

by The Klatch Team

Towards the end of the last year, we've been getting some surprising amount of press (we're definitely not complaining). With various coffee blogs and magazine articles featuring our new LAX branch as well as individual award winning coffees, we're certainly turning the page for an eye-popping 2013. Being featured in Imbibe Magazine's "5 To Try" article was definitely one for the books.
It was discovered by our Coffee Guru, Todd Goldsworthy while flipping pages in his newly delivered issue. As he randomly glanced through each page, he then stumbled on an article that had Klatch Coffee listed as number 1! Apparently, we've made #1 on Imbibe Magazine's Top 5 To Try list of Pacamara Coffees, specifically, our El Salvador Las Mercedes Pacamara. Todd then took a quick snap shot sending this awesome news to the rest of the team and of course, social media stuff. For anyone who knows Imbibe Mag's reputation, you know it's a pretty big deal. Overall, 2012 was a kick-ass year for Klatch. With the help of everyone spreading the word and reviewing our coffees, we're pretty sure this will plant a seed for 2013....and beyond!

Klatch at Imbibe Magazine's 5 To Try
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