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Klatch LAX Soars High on Opening Day

by The Klatch Team

Last Wednesday, December 5th, the long awaited Klatch LAX branch has officially opened it's doors to the public. It was an exciting experience for the Perry family and the rest of the Klatch team, knowing how hard they've devoted their time and skills to share this accomplishment to coffee lovers around the world. Enjoy checking out some of the pictures taken from that day and if you have plans to fly at LAX, don't forget to visit Klatch!

Let's start with the clean signature logo with a black background, making the colors pop more.

A cool image of our counter along with Klatch's signature color scheme while showing off our award winning brews.

Klatch is serving some of our award winning coffees and espressos such as, the Guatemala Covadonga, El Salvador Pepinal 1, WBC and Belle; to name a few.

Here's a classic photo of Heather and Cole.

Here's a view before the store opened. We love the clean, classy look!

Thanks for checking out our Klatch LAX blog. We cannot emphasize how thankful we are for everyone's love and support, giving us the opportunity to expand our passion cofee to a higher level:)
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Klatch LAX Soars High on Opening Day
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