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Geisha Cupping & Roastery Demo

by The Klatch Team

Last Saturday, October 20, we hosted our Geisha Cupping and Roastery Demo event at the Upland Roastery. The day started off a bit gloomy but when everyone started coming in, we knew it was going to be an eventful day. Our production manager, Shane Soper kick-started the event by gathering everyone around the roastery while providing a brief introduction on what roasting is all about. Shane encouraged everyone to touch and swirl the beans around to get a better perspective on the temperature (no one got burned) of the beans.

After the educational introduction, the group then transitioned into the rectangular tables to get ready for the Geisha cupping. Everyone was excited as the Barista's took out the grinds of each cups containing three of our high quality Geishas: Don Pachi, Esmeralda Leon and Esmeralda Mario San Jose.

The first Geisha we cupped was the Esmeralda Leon. As the group gathered with distinct enthusiasm, our representative Baristas gave the introduction and instructed everyone to smell the grounds and describe the various fruits and spices that this Geisha encompasses. Most of them were surprised by the variety of flavor this tiny cup offers. Some suggested a strong floral scent with berry and stone fruit composition, some suggested chocolate undertones. Either way, after about 5 minutes of aromatic assessments, the group eventually transitioned into cupping. As they gradually sipped each cup, everyone had an ecstatic expression of delight. The most popular description of this experience would be like drinking a sophisticated fusion of sweet and spicy tea with subtle undertones of milk chocolate. After that, everyone knew why Coffee Review scored this awesome Geisha a whopping 96 points

The second Geisha we featured was the Esmeralda Mario San Jose. It provided a similar floral scent along with various fruit notes (which is mostly the signature of the Esmeralda lots). Given the similarities, it also provided a distinct characteristic of sugar cane and subtle hints of melon and pomegranate. Usually, people seem to comapare a "Better than" kind of assessment, but in this case, they all liked the Mario San Jose in its on way. Many believed it to be an underrated Geisha, considering it didn't get that much attention compared to the Leon and the Pachi. The group had a great exchange of opinions that eventually lead to historical facts about Geisha coffees and the Esmeralda farm.

After cupping the Mario San Jose, the group started whispering "Save the best for last". We felt the same, knowing that Don Pachi is next. It had the same similarities as being in concert. After you've been mesmerized by the opening acts, you finally start feeling the jitters of the main event. As we begin to asses the aromatic composition, many started closing their eyes while nodding their heads in unison. It almost felt like the coffee was transcendent within everyone. I know it sounds a bit dramatic but that brief silence made the Klatch team feel like we've accomplished something within this group by providing an experience only a few can brag about. Try imagining this whole scenario in slow motion along "Clair De Lune" as your musical score, you might understand what we're trying to say:)

Anyway, we then jumped right into cupping the Don Pachi natural Geisha. At first, there was an unfamiliar silence given that everyone had to understand what just hit them. After a few seconds, everyone started sharing their thoughts and what encapsulates this awesome Geisha to be one of the elite coffees Klatch has to offer. The sophisticated cup offered a variety of floral accents and bright orange-citrus undertones that mostly everyone agreed on. Some pointed out a subtle whiskey or brandy aftertaste that manifests into a melodic brush fire of prolific flavors.

The bottom line is, everyone became more aware of what our Geisha coffees are all about. Each had common similarities (just like siblings) and each also had a highlighted factor that gave a distinction in both aroma and taste. The day concluded around 12:30pm. But before everyone left, Roastmaster, Mike Perry had a last minute Geisha roast that was yet to be released for the public. He asked everyone to try this "Secret Geisha" along with a sample to take home with them. Not only did the group come home with a new Geisha, we also provided them with a 20% Off coupon on any of their favorite Geishas. It's safe to say that everyone left satisfied.

The Klatch team would like to say thank you to everyone who participated in our Geisha cupping event. It was an eventful and eye opening experience for coffee lovers. Make sure to sign up to our Newsletters to get weekly updates of what's new in the world of Klatch Coffee. If you're interested in attending future cuppings, new arrivals and monthly FREE Shipping, this would be the best way to get informed.

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Geisha Cupping & Roastery Demo
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