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100% For Klatch & A.B.E Competition is On!

by The Klatch Team

Thank you to everyone that voted for Klatch Coffee! There are no words to describe how appreciative we are to have fans, friends and loyal customers who believe in what we do best. Here's a little article released by Coffee Fest, earlier this week.

From thousands of Coffeehouse, eight semi-finalists from the Western United States have been selected for the inaugural DaVinci Gourmet America's Best Coffeehouse Competition. The eight semi-finalists were selected after a field qualification period, during which the top twenty coffeehouses were visited and evaluated by secret shoppers along with popular votes from fans, friends, customers and business associates. The combination of voting results and secret shopper scores determined the eight semi-finalists to compete for the title at Coffee Fest, Seattle on Sept. 21-23, 2012. Of the eight qualifying coffeehouses, none received less than 96% of the shop visits and the #1 seeded Klatch Coffee of Southern California received a perfect 100% secret shopper score.

Continuing on to this awesome momentum, Klatch Coffee will also be part of the inaugural America's Best Espresso Competition at Coffee Fest (Sept 21-23). Four espresso machines will be available to choose from: A Nuova Simonelli Aurellia II T3, a Wega Concept Green Line, a Rancilio XCELSIUS, and a Slayer Espresso Machine. The venue will include both an Anfim and MAHLKONIG Espresso grinder. Competing roasters are welcome to bring their own espresso grinder.
Competitors will go head to head in a winner move on, loser go home tournament competition. The competition will continue in this fashion all the way down to the sweet 16 on Saturday and Roasters will extract one espresso for each of the three judges, who are carefully selected and respected industry professionals.

Overall, we're so blessed to have been given so much opportunities to succeed as one of the elite Specialty Coffeehouses in Southern California and beyond! Considering we have so much competition, we're always up for the challenge by giving our 110% every time. Stay tuned and we will keep you posted on any updates! For now, check out all our "New Arrivals", and taste our fantastic new crops.

For more information, click here and get up to date news about coffee,training and Klatch events.

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