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Mike Perry

Mike Perry (Roastmaster, Green buyer) blends a background in chemical engineering with love for great coffee to balance science and artistry. This is what Klatch calls the "Peak of Flavor" roasting style, resulting in the perfect cup.


Cindy Perry

Cindy is the calm and sweet presence that our team looks up to as a great role model. She has been described by her daughters as the glue that holds Klatch together and by her husband as the "better half". As the CFO, she handles all major financial needs and record-keeping.


Heather Perry

Ms.Perry began with Klatch Coffee working in the retail stores, and later began using her skills to compete in Barista Competitions. The skills she has learned at Klatch equipped her to win many titles including Four Time Regional Champion, Two-Time United States Champion, and taking 2nd place in the World Barista Championships to name a few.

These titles helped to solidify Ms. Perry’s reputation as a professional trainer, and she has trained individuals and organizations in over a dozen countries. She is also the past Chair of the Barista Guild of America where she helped to design and launch their Certification Program.


Holly Perry

Holly began sweeping beans behind the counter when she was 5 years old and has worked in the coffee industry every since. Though unsure at one point whether or not she wanted to work in the family business, she could not imagine doing anything else.

Holly is a graduate of Cal Poly Pomona with a BA in Hotel and Restaurant Management and is also certified sommelier. You can find Holly in and around the Klatch retail stores, visiting other cafes, or competing in latte art throw downs.


Todd Goldsworthy

Since his early teenage years Todd was always fascinated with the coffeehouse experience. At first, he was drawn in by the environment and the atmosphere, but later learned that it was the coffee that would inspire his career path.

Over the years, Todd has continued to find ways to expand his knowledge of the industry by attending and volunteering at SCAA (Speciality Coffee Association of America) and BGA (Barista Guild of America) events.

Todd is a two-time US Brewers Cup winner, first in 2014 and recently in 2016. With his commitment and passion for specialty coffee, Todd will always find a way to elevate his wisdom and bring more golds for Klatch!

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