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Training with the Marine Vet

by The Klatch Team

Glidys Lozano is one of a kind. On top of her upbeat vibe and her great enthusiasm for coffee, she's also a Marine Veteran who traveled the world in support of multiple operations. A proud mother of two (Alondra-4 and Nathaniel-2), Glidys' goals are to educate, train, develop, sustain and grow a coffee business focusing on high grown specialty coffees where social responsibility sits high on the company's agenda.
She contacted our Roastmaster, Mike Perry for some coffee wisdom last June. We have to say, we were very pleased to have her around. Considering the amount of training she had to to undergo (Cupping and Evaluation, Sourcing, Green Buying, Inventory Control, and Roasting Theory, to name a few), She still managed to come very early in the morning to help our team roast and bag coffees during those busy times. This says a lot in terms of her motivation to learn by projecting the right attitude.

The training lasted almost two weeks and everyday she came by, she never failed to bring her smile. We're very enthusiastic for Glidys' future in the coffee industry and wish her all the best!

Before she left, we asked her some questions to get to know how her training experience went and her plans for the near future.

1. How did you start getting into coffee? Coffee runs in my veins but my involvement in the coffee process began by trying to help my grandmother receive a fair price for her Honduran coffee and it grew to the development of a plan to not only help her but those who are in need of the help on the mountains of Santa Barbara.
2. How was your experience in the roaster training? Mike is a strict and demanding teacher, I wouldnt have want it any other way. This helped me gain the knowledge necessary to evaluate my business ideas and adjust where necessary. Klatch provides a great learning environment along with a friendly and supportive staff.
3. What are your future plans for coffee? I will be presenting a plan to my investors by the end of this year in hopes to gain sufficient capital to begin on this wonderful coffee journey. I will be presenting a summarized version of all the knowledge I have gained in order to motivate and convince my perspective investors that my idea is worth their time and money. Again, Thank you Mike and the Klatch staff.

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