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Three-Day Training to Kick Off 2013

by The Klatch Team

The first Three-Day training to start of 2013 was awesome! It was filled with various coffee enthusiasts, just wanting to learn more about coffee. The day started off early as the trainees showed their enthusiasm to greet the day with some "Klatch wisdom". The two-time Barista champ, Heather Perry was their mentor and that's probably why everyone was excited. The first day started off with introductions to various coffee equipments. It's really a basic way to get everyone on the same page and see who's familiar and who's just getting acquainted. Then they went into the nuances of extracting espresso (the right way). There was a lot of trial and errors as Heather guided everyone to understand the differences and how to make the best "creama" along with the most "eye-poppin" flavors.

One of the main ideas to extract the best espresso results would be the correct dosage of grind. This is much emphasized during the first day to establish great habits. The second day went on talking about milk preparations leading to one of the favorite topics, the Latte art. This was a fun experience for all the trainees because they get to go do their thing while not having to worry about getting dirty; and they did. After getting down and dirty, the trainees were trained on how to clean and maintain the espresso machines. This is one of the underrated topics, however, it's one of the most important. Without the knowledge of maintaining, calibrating and cleaning the espresso machines, the outcome can affect the overall taste and quality of the espresso.

The second day went on and talked about the advanced dosing and tamping techniques. This was an intense topic that transitioned well going into the advanced latte art techniques. As the second day comes to a close, everyone was satisfied and at the same time, felt a bit intimidated knowing the amount of knowledge and experience they still need to improve on. With that said, Heather Perry reassured them that with proper basic knowledge, skill and practice, everything will go smoothly.

The last day talked about Seed to Cup presentation. This topic gave an added inspiration to the group, giving them a nice background of the origins of coffee, how it's processed and how you get to enjoy it. After this presentation, the group went on to brewing techniques and cupping. As the day went to a close, everyone stayed for awhile to check out the roastery and how our facility works. Heather gave the group a quick tour to provide everyone inspiration if every they decide to start their own business in the near future.

Here are some cool quotes from the trainees:

Mathew Bixby mentioned, " Heather is lively energetic and an absolute fountain of knowledge. She answered every question and made me feel as if the class was specifically tailored to my interest. One of the most amazing things about Klatch is how apparent it is that everyone loves what they do."

Tony Chow mentioned, "Great class for beginners that know nothing about coffee all the way to coffee experts. Everyone has plenty to learn from Heather."

Joyce Park mentioned, "Latte art was really fun. All the hands on stuff was my favorite because it was my first time brewing coffee."

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