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Three Day Barista Training - July 2012

by The Klatch Team

It was a busy week in Klatchville. Last July. Heather Perry and the gang headed down to Upland Roastery for our Three Day Barista Training. It was an eclectic group of coffee enthusiasts that either want to start their own coffee shop or just want to be better at their craft and artistry.

The morning started off with the basics of espresso extraction and milk steaming, and will move on to explore more advanced techniques. The Barista champ, Heather Perry made it easy and more importantly, fun for everyone to understand the specificity of creating a true "brew of art" kind of coffee.

Other topics to be covered within the three days include, palate development through single origin espresso and a traditional cupping, advanced latte art techniques, drink building recipes, training strategies, and most importantly, maintaining consistency throughout.

As the days progressed, It was a Klatchtastic experience for our Baristas as they move on with techniques and knowledge that they can carry along with combining their own style. This can give them the potential to be the next best thing.

If you're interested in our Barista Training and would like to know more information, please click this link here to keep you updated on Klatch news, click here here.

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