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The Best Geisha Cupping of 2013

by The Klatch Team

For those who missed the Geisha cupping event Saturday, you missed our best cupping ever! Not only was this a Geisha Geisha Geisha cupping event, but we out did ourselves this year by adding a forth Geisha. All were wonderful and surprisingly different. A few we no longer have but saved just for this event. For those who were here, you know how special this was. For those who missed it, read on and sign up next time.

The cupping event was held at our Roastery Headquarters in Upland CA. As people arrived they were greeted with a pour over or Chemex of some of our other favorite coffees including our new Kenya Muthuthini Peaberry, our Costa Rica Volcan Azul Honey Processed, and our Ethiopian Gedeo Worka Natural. We started with a tour of our Roastery and Labs, pointing out our 24K Diedrich Roaster which works 2 shifts 7 days per week. Next Mike led the group on a Seed to Cup presentation explaining the growing, varieties, terroir, harvesting, processing, drying, and roasting of the beans. He closed with an explanation of Fair Trade vs our Direct Trade model and finally, how we find great coffee……we cup. Which was the natural lead to the main event…..Cupping the Geisha.

The four Geisha we featured started with the Esmeralda Boquete. The Boquete is 100% Geisha, a blend of high quality non-auction lots from the Peterson Family with many of the same beans and attributes of the auction lots. This was a Direct Trade coffee possible because of Mike’s long-term relationship with the Peterson Family.

Next up: Esmeralda Leon. This lot from the Canas Verde Region of Boquete and was separated by Daniel and Rachel Peterson as a special Auction Lot due to its multi-layered and complex cup. We could not agree more. In fact, in 2012 Coffee Review gave this Geisha 96 points and this year was just as good.

Third up, Ironman. Our newest Geisha from producer Roberto Brenes was purchased via our Direct Trade model with help from our friend Barry of Willoughby’s Coffee. Mike and Barry were judges this year at the Best of Panama auction where Ironman won first place in the washed Geisha category and it sold for $179.82 lb. Roberto is as interesting as his coffee. He is not only a producer and president of the Panama Stock Exchange, but he also competes in Ironman Triathlons, hence the name Ironman.

Rounding out our Geisha feast was our Don Pachi Natural Geisha. In the early 1960’s Don Pachi Serracin brought the Geisha variety to Panama. He first brought it to Panama from the Costa Rica research lab because the Geisha were believed to be resistant to a disease affecting other coffees. Soon, Don Pachi shared the Geisha with some neighboring friends in Boquete, including Esmeralda prior to the Peterson Family. This special Natural Geisha won the first Natural Geisha competition and sold for $170 per pound. Due to another Direct Trade relationship, Klatch (along with a few friends) bought US Exclusive Rights to this Natural Geisha from Don Pachi.

Ahhh, now the cupping. Geisha in general are described as floral with Jasmine, sweet with sugarcane, fruity with citrus, stone fruit and peach. But as I mentioned, while all were fantastic, all were very different. The Esmeralda Boquete was very floral, clean, bright with citrus. Some hints of stone fruit but primarily the group was in love with the floral qualities. Some compared it to the best Ethiopian washed they ever tried, but a step up.

The Leon was traditional Esmeralda Geisha. Jasmine up front but tons of stone fruit, peaches and apricots.

The Ironman took the Leon and raised it one by adding a syrupy honey mouth feel and body to the stone fruit of peach found in the Leon. But not only that, there were hints of berry in the flavor that made this a very complex and wonderful cup.

Finally, the Don Pachi. This bean was 100% Natural but also 100% Geisha. So fruity on the nose but still floral and sweet. In the cup the orange exploded with the natural berry, both blending with the peaches and apricots and herbal tea like qualities. By far the most complex.

The Best of course? Well, that was different for everyone. Due to the high volume of orders, our Geishas are currently out of stock. Don't worry. We will inform everyone once we receive new Geisha crops in the near future. For now, you can read what Geishas are all about here.

Missed this event? Well Saturday October 19th, we have our Klatch Coffee Con - 20 year Anniversary Celebration. To read more about this event click HERE.

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