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Simple Brewing Methods Using The Chemex

by The Klatch Team

Good day, Klatchaholics! Here are simple steps on how to brew great quality coffees at home.

Step 1: Weigh out your whole beans (28 grams per 12oz cup = 340 grams of H2o)

Step 2: Grind to table salt texture.

Step 3: Rinse the paper filter with warm water to clean out all the paper aftertaste. Then dump the water before going into step 4.

Step 4: Add fresh ground coffee.

Step 5: Begin to add hot water. Start from the center until you see the "bloom". Then, start swirling it around to touch all coffee grounds evenly.

Step 6: Wait for the water to simmer down so that the flavors can settle. Then, continue pouring in a circular motion. Don't hesitate to adjust the filter if needed. You can also gently shake the Chemex to infuse and extract more saturation in overall flavor.

Step 7: After pouring the right amount of liquid weight ( 28 grams per 12ounce cup = 340 grams of H2o), begin to pour into your cup.

Step 8: Enjoy drinking your Klatchtastic brew!

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Simple Brewing Method Using The Chemex
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