Royalty The Wedding Blend
Royalty The Wedding Blend



REGION: Cerro El Tigre
VARIETAL: Bourbon + Pacamara
FARM: Las Mercedes
ALTITUDE: 1490 - 1560 M
FARMER: Ortiz Barriere
ROAST: Medium
NOTE: Limited Edition


Availability: Currently Unavailable

Available Grind




Royalty a vivid multidimensional coffee featuring a blend of the queen [Pepinal 1] and the king of coffee [Pacamara]. The king brings his rich, strong, smooth but complex manner, complementing the queen's sweet, bright, cherry notes and award winning demeanor.

The two flavorful opposites balance to create a flora, coco and slightly cherry fragrance and aroma with a rich bold coffee note like a chocolate covered coffee bean laced with citrus. In the cup, an initial blast of chocolate citrus followed by a sweet, delicate yet juicy smooth chocolate cherry that finishes with a darker chocolate covered coffee bean.

This romance all started when Ryan paid a quick visit to Klatch Coffee for award winning brew. When he ran into [ what he undoubtedly knew would be ] his wife to be. After admiring and innocent flirting Ryan left his card with Heather with hopes of a call for a potential date. One can always hope.

After shelving Ryan's card away, days later Heather was in need to service equipment. Within her search she plucked Ryan's card mistakenly and dialed away. With high spirits a first date was scheduled. Courtship blossomed and years of bliss passed. Ryan sought out for Heather’s hand and marriage and with approval of Heather's father, Mike, an engagement was in the works.

Knowing coffee was a big part of Heathers life, Ryan wanted to do a grand gesture. Ryan and Mike came in cahoots to arrange a picturesque proposal. Mike orchestrated with Las Mercedes producer Lucia Ortiz and her husband Roberto, for barista training to raise relief funds due to heavy rains linked to Hurricane Ida.

After a successful session of barista training with the 'Alianza de Mujeres en Cafe' in El Salvador, Lucia took Heather to Las Mercedes for a stroll up the hill to Lote Pepinal 1. Upon her return the unexpected happen, Ryan jumped out of coffee tree and got down on one knee.

Bringing us here today on this special occasion to celebrate the wedding of Ryan and Heather while enjoying the chosen coffee, Royalty, The Wedding Blend. A combination and celebration of the king’s and queen’s vivid characteristics.

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