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Roundup: NCA's Roaster Roundtable

On March 20th, Mike was fortunate to attend the National Coffee Association's Annual Convention in Laguna Beach, CA. Mike stated it was great to run into so many people he recognized and catch up with. But he was especially honored to moderate the Roasters Roundtable to the full conference.

"When I saw the size of the room and so many people present, I was actually nervous, something I never am when talking about coffee. Our subject was "Talks, Tips, Techniques", and was designed to share experiences and ideas with all in attendance. As moderator, I was lucky to be part of a great group of roasting companies featuring specialty companies like Gimme of NYC and La Mill from LA, plus giant S & D from the east coast."

"Not sure what to expect, the discussion quickly focused on specialty, quality, recent and future trends. It was nice to see the larger companies move more toward specialty as the public as a whole is asking and requesting this from them. For me in particular, it was great to see the smaller specialty guys like Klatch moving past the buzz words of 'Fair Trade' or sustainability and really focus on the cup. Before I knew it the hour was gone and I had only touched on 25% of my discussion points. Thanks to Colleen, Craig, and Stephen for making this a special memory for me."

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