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Roasting with Ken Hodgens

by The Klatch Team

Last November 19-21, we had our Roaster Training at the Upland Roastery. It was a short but eventful thanksgiving week for the Klatch team. Our guest Roaster trainee for the week was Ken Hodges. He contacted our Roast Master, Mike Perry for some assistance and refinement in roasting techniques as well as identifying various bean types.

The three day training was intense. A lot of detailed information was given starting from cupping and evaluation SCAA guidelines to sourcing, green buying and inventory control. Even though the task requires a lot of attention, Ken was able to absorb all of the basic parameters with a distinct enthusiasm, bringing his "surfer-cool-dude" vibe to the table. As the second day progressed, Mike Perry went on and talked about the theories of roasting as well as the essentials of having the right roasting equipment to bring out the best results. One of the more challenging aspects of this training was the espresso roasting which was dealt during the last day of training. However, Ken "grabbed the bull by the horns", providing great attention to detail as he took the initiative to adjust and experiment when necessary.

Ken shared his experience and said, "If you're serious about roasting and coffee, don't waste your time with anyone else! Mike and his staff are true professionals that know coffee and are willing to share their knowledge."

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