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Klatch Roasting has been in the coffee business since 1993. We supply truly fresh, grade one coffee to fine restaurants, coffee houses and catering companies.

We feature only Arabica coffees from around the world, dozens of blends, award-winning espresso, and countless flavored coffees. We import only specialty grade coffees, including USDA Certified OrganicĀ® Coffee, Fair Trade Certified Coffee, and Swiss Water ProcessĀ® decaf coffee.

Each coffee growing region (or appellation) varies greatly due to variables such soil conditions, elevation, and rainfall. Additionally, processing methods (such as wet or dry) affect the bean. Consequently, each bean varies in size, moisture content, density, etc. Therefore, each coffee must be roasted individually to maximize its unique flavor. At Klatch Coffee we record the effects of roast variables such as heat, airflow, and bean temperature over time. We cup each of the resulting factors for taste until we find the perfect "Peak of Flavor" roast profile for each coffee we sell.


The coffee roasting process allows you to create a personal and signature taste that can distinguish your coffee beans from other coffee beans in the marketplace. At Klatch we believe coffee roasting is an art and a science at the same time.

The art starts at the cupping table. Where you can make your decision for a roast style and profile based on factors of aroma, taste and peak flavor. The science aspect includes your level of understanding of the chemical reactions inside the coffee bean and the technical know how about roasting technology and equipment. Our training and consulting programs brings the elements of art and science together with our Roastmaster Mike Perry.

Request a private training appointment select from our 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 day training:


Looking to learn how to roast, improve your skills, or build a quality brand? Let "Roaster of the Year" Mike Perry teach you his secrets to success.


  • Cupping and Evaluation Per SCAA Guidelines
  • Sourcing, Green Buying and Inventory Control
  • Training of Roasting Theory
  • Roasting Equipment and Hands on Training
  • Profile Roasting: Theory and Practice
  • Pre vs Post Roast Blending
  • Roasting for Espresso
  • How to Make the Sum Better than the Parts

"Mike's unselfish approach to training is a great benefit to anyone entering or already in the business. His knowledge of both the roasting + retail business is invaluable. Most importantly he has a genuine interest in helping you succeed!"
- Bart Frabotta

Price: $1,000-3,500

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