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roaster training

Looking to learn how to roast, improve your skills, or build a quality brand? Let "Roaster of the Year" Mike Perry teach you his secrets to success, including:

  1. Cupping and evaluation per SCAA guidelines

  2. Sourcing, green buying and inventory control

  3. Training of roasting theory

  4. Roasting equipment and hands on training

  5. Profile roasting: theory and practice

  6. Pre vs Post roast blending

  7. Roasting for Espresso

  8. How to make the sum better than the parts

"Mike's unselfish approach to training is a great benefit to anyone entering or already in the business. His knowledge of both the Roasting + Retail business is invaluable. Most importantly he has a genuine interest in helping you succeed!"
Bart Frabotta

For more information please contact mike@klatchroasting.com or call 877-4-KLATCH

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