Poizon Blend
Poizon Halloween Blend



REGION: Inferno
VARIETAL: Chemical Means
FARM: Place of Torment
FARMER: Old Roastmaster
NOTE: Coffee to Die For


Available Grind




As the nefarious night cloaks the pale blue sky, the Mystical Roastmaster stands near the roaster, carefully awaiting for the temperature to ascend. The watchful eyes of the morbid moon gazes like a dusky nightstand, giving just enough light to see the beans begin to turn from a cold green to a toasty brown. He awaits for the first crack as he chants another enigmatic incantation. Passing the second crack, an odd thing happens; the ghoulish clouds turn grey as they converge, beaming out the emphatic lightning and thunder while the crazy caffeine-freak wolves howl in the distant horizon.

Possessed with a wicked smirk after hearing the third crack, the Mystical Roastmaster let the beans drop one by one, unveiling pinches of venomous ingredients. As the grains fall on the warm beans, they quickly evaporate, releasing the flavorful magic infused within the oily skin of every bean. After taking a quick sip, his face illustrated the antagonistic grin that spilled out the powerful effects of this mystical brew.

This delightful dark brew will awaken the dark side in you. The steam coming off the cup will draw you into its rich, luscious, captivating aroma. As the magical vapors introduce itself, you will have no choice but to take a sip of this enigmatic brew. And when the spellbinding, dark liquid touches your curious tongue, you will be overwhelmed with notes of sweet tobacco, bittersweet chocolate, and that one magical flavor that keeps you coming back for more.

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