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Peru! Peru!

Let's Talk Coffee - is an annual gathering of the coffee supply chain, coming together to understand the common problems they share in producing specialty coffee, took place on October 13-19 in Tarapoto, Peru.

This year at Let's Talk Coffee the 1st Annual World Barista Forum took place, two dozen international champion baristas, including our barista champion Heather Perry, summit focused on best practices in promoting barista culture worldwide.

The World Barista Forum is a gathering of world-class baristas who want to give back to coffee origins. Its goals are to create an international community of baristas that encourages peer-to-peer exchanges and training, produce a plan of action to expand barista culture at origin, formulating ideas for fellowship, training center activities and new collaborations, and explore potential sources of funding.

Not only were we represented by Heather at Let's Talk Coffee, Klatch Coffee Ethiopian Amaro Gayo Organic won 1st place in the Single Origin Espresso Competition. The show down had 20 coffees competing, half provided by producers and the other half by roasters. The shots were all double blind so no one knew what was being pulled or what they were tasting, resulting in Klatch taking top honors!

To learn more about Heather's trip in Peru, read her blog entry.

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