Out of Africa Espresso
Out of Africa Espresso



REGION: Ethiopia
FARM: Various
ALTITUDE: 1800-2400
FARMER: Multiple
ROAST: Medium
NOTES: Single Origin Espresso

Availability: Currently Unavailable

Available Grind




Out of Africa is certainly a complex single origin espresso blend created by barista champion Heather Perry with three distinctive natural process beans from Ethiopia. Heather describes this espresso blend as "pure awesomeness." This espresso delivers astounding undertones of chocolate and tobacco, heighten by brighter notes of slight lemon citrus and berry fruit. Holding greats amounts of crema. At the bottom of the shot the berry attributes pursue with added flavors of cherry and peach.

Peak flavor is reached 10 days after roast date.

DOSE: 21 grams [ double ]
TEMPERATURE: 200 degrees
TIME: 27 seconds
VOLUME: 1.7 - 2.0 oz

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