El Salvador Orange Bourbon
Orange Bourbon | El Salvador



REGION: Santa Ana
VARIETAL: Orange Bourbon
FARM: Finca El Molino
ALTITUDE: 1300-1500 M
FARMER: Jose Antonio Salaverria
ROAST: Medium
NOTES: Washed Process

Available Grind*:



Our bright, juicy and "klatch-tastic" Orange Bourbon is back! This is a true connoisseur’s coffee. It's a purely refined and sophisticated brew that offers a sweet-floral aroma along with an orange-citrus flavor in the cup. Overall, it's a bright and juicy coffee, perfectly balanced with just the right amount of body.

The Orange Bourbon is a meticulously hand picked and processed (100% Bourbon) coffee, developed at Finca El Molino - one of El Salvador's finest and most innovative coffee farms. Mike Perry, Green Coffee Buyer and Liz Lozano (Associate Barista Trainer) sourced this direct trade coffee in early 2011 and were truly impressed by Jose Antonio and his staff - a genuine group of people with a passion for quality coffee.

Drew Moody from A Table in the Corner of the Cafe's review

The aroma of this cup is soft, subtle—but sweet. Maybe “sweet” isn’t the word… Fragrant is a much better term; maybe even perfumy. When the water hits the grounds, poof!, a gentle explosion of floral aromatics (cherry and orange blossom) takes up wings, fluttering between the nose and the cup. Mixed in are notes of powdery raw cocoa nibs, cane sugar, and orange soda.
The cup starts off equally subtle (and, spoiler alert, ends just as subtly)—the coffee doesn’t come exploding onto the palate. It quietly sneaks up on it, rather, oozing out of the mug with a raspberry syrupy mouthfeel; and this river of maple syrup kicks up flavor sediment from the bottom of the cup, carrying it downstream in its current—brown sugar, baker’s chocolate, vanilla cream, and clementine.
As the cup cools off, the flavor gets fruitier and more tropical (though not lively or bright, however), the mouthfeel melts from a thick syrupiness to a fruity juiciness, a mellow orange juice acidity bubbles just beneath the surface, seeping onto the palate and melting on the back of the tongue, but it doesn’t become prominent—it stays soft and subtle. There are an awful lot of fruits I’m picking up now, but, while they are moderately juicy and “big” on the palate (compared to the rest of the flavors I’m experiencing, they’re pretty mellow (again, I know—I promise to pick up a thesaurus soon to work on my descriptors): plum, cherry, apple, pear, and salted caramel that finishes off each sip.
Medium body; juicy mouthfeel; soft citrus acidity; clean finish; sparkling, lingering aftertaste.

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