Nuova Simonelli 2-Group Aurelia Espresso Machine


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Technology for a better shot using double preinfusion (soft infusion). All our units facilitate an industry leading preinfusion chamber above the grouphead. The Aurelia not only uses our patented, single preinfusion technology, but also provides a second, inline pressure dropping mechanism located before the heat exchanger. These double features allow the 9 bar needed to produce an espresso to drop to 2 bar, presoaking the grounds and then evenly building pressure back to the needed 9 bar. This process allows for more crema and more aromas to be extracted, while also lowering employee’s possible tamping/grinding errors.

The new grouphead, specifically designed for the Aurelia, is now the largest and heaviest in the industry, made with over 10 pounds of solid brass. As a result of brass molecular density, the sheer size of our grouphead, and the usage of 2 separate hydraulic thermal compensation lines, both the first shot and the last shot of the day will be pulled at the same temperature. Each groupdhead can be individually lowered or raised (F & G in lower schematic) even after the unit has been installed. Many of our customers ask for one group raised to fit 20oz drinks and one group lowered.

Our self tamping feature is available on each group head, depending on the end-user’s specific needs.

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