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New Micro-Lot Organic,
Helsar de Zarcero

Helsar is a perfectly balanced coffee. A crisp complex fruit acidity, round creamy and juicy mouthfeel . A sweet clean cup with caramel toffee notes (when hot), sweet floral and citrus (grapefruit) notes as it cools. With a dark chocolate finish. A complete and delicate coffee.

With over 30 years of experience of being a coffee producer in the western region of the Costa Rica, Señor Pérez Barrantes counts on the support of his wife and sons to produce a meticulously grown full-washed organic coffee. Pérez grows the varieties of Caturra, Catuai and Villalobos of organic origin. Finca Santa Lucia uses other varieties of trees to offer the necessary shade to the micro-lots, among them: fruit trees, native trees, and banana trees.

Demonstration of hard work and efficiency has earned Helsar 3rd place in Costa Rica Cup of Excellence in 2007 and scored 91.37 points by International Jury.

Learn more about Helsar by watching this video:

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