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NEW high-end Decaf

Klatch is now offering a high-class natural processed decaffeinated coffee from southern Hulia, Colombia. A complex blend of fruit and chocolate that will challenge your prudence on decaf coffee.

Las Serranias graded "A" decaffeinated processes uses a derivative from sugar-cane know as Ethel Acetate (EA). The pleasing characteristic from the sugar cane adds to the sweet acidity and banana, apricot and cream notes. Not giving the "off" and dirty flavors most decaffeinated coffees are associated with. An overall well structured, smooth, and balanced coffee.

Although Las Serranias is not a part of the Las Mingas Project directly, it was produce by the founders. Las Mingas Project promotes coffee relationships, a partnership that brings producers, exporters, and roasters together to collaborate. Giving farmers bargaining power and receive honest pricing for trading practices. La Serrania came directly from Virmax, a premier exporter of Colombian Specialty Coffees that works under Direct Relationship model.

Without a doubt, decaf drinker or not. You will appreciate and adore Las Serranias.

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