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Mikes in Ethiopia!

Mike is taking part in the 2010 Ethiopian Coffee Roundtable in Addis Abada and the first ever Cupping Caravan program in Sidama/Yirgacheffe, which involves traveling in a 4x4 out to coffee lands to cup with farmers. A unique trip for Mike to gather with other coffee professionals to help determine the direction of Ethiopian coffee in the future.

This is a fantastic opportunity to source exclusive Ethiopian coffee. Last year Mike was able to snag a Natural Ethiopian Yirgacheffe, a clean, slightly bright red fruit fragrance with hints of citrus, berry, peach and pineapple. An Ethiopian Sidamo Schilcho Organic, a sweet and fruit-laced coffee with mild citrus, clean melon, pink grapefruit and hints of bergamot tea. And our well received Ethiopian Amaro Gayo, besides the chocolate and berry you have come to expect from our Ethiopian Natural, the Amaro melts in your mouth; it's like drinking melted cocoa butter, so smooth, buttery and creamy, plus its great as a Single Origin Espresso.

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