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Liz in Guatemala Antigua



I have just arrived in Guatemala City and have a brief moment to share with you my experience in Antigua. So much has happened. As you may know the first day I felt the ground shake. I looked up and saw a volcano spewing out smoke. It was a pretty humbling moment. They were not lying when they said Volcana de Fuego is still active.

The second day I was sick in bed with some kind of stomach virus so I could not do much of anything. Fortunately, by the next day I was back to my normal self again and spent our one day off exploring the streets of Antigua. Up and down the cobblestone roads were tons of fun shops, street vendors selling handmade scarves and homemade tortillas, and beautiful old Spanish architecture. Surrounding the city were huge mountains that made every street picturesque. I admired a traditional Mayan dance that was performed and had fun talking to the women and children who were dressed in bright, colorful dresses. I could feel the deep history lying beneath the surface of this old city.

The next day Mike and I were off to a long day of visiting Juan Luis’ farm in San Martin, were we currently purchase our Retiro varietal. We cupped great coffees all through the night. At the farm, we stopped to peer at the workers who were picking ripe cherries off the trees. I joined in and worked alongside them for about an hour. They are such hard workers and some of the most friendly people I have met. The farm was gorgeous and the cherries were oh-so-sweet.

Back at the cupping lab, Mike and I went 3 rounds of about 10 coffees. It was hard for me to score due to them all being so good, but I had my favorites in the end. We ended the night eating a delicious dinner with farmer, Luis Pedro. This trip just keeps getting better. Now let’s see what Guatemala City will bring!


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