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Learning the Art of Coffee Cupping

Learning the Art of Coffee Cupping in Grand Junction
KREX News Room
Story Created: Jan 22, 2011 at 4:52 PM MST

Grand Junction - For dozens of people in Grand Junction, coffee never tasted so good until Saturday.

In a workshop at Main Street Bagels, two time U.S. Barista Champion Heather Perry taught a room full of people how to "cup" coffee.

Coffee cupping, or coffee tasting, is the practice of the observing the tastes and aromas of brewed coffee.

"Today we're going to use words like blueberry, spice, chocolate, tobacco, and caramel. We're really going to taste coffee and all that it has to offer, and that's the great thing about a cupping is we're looking at one specific origin in different varietals and bringing it all together to show how different coffee can be," Perry said.

Perry told NewsChannel 5 coffee cupping allows the taster to evaluate things like acidity, flavor, and sweetness. Perry will be teaching coffee cupping again at Main Street Bagels on Monday from 10 a.m. until noon.

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