Colombia La Falda S.O. Espresso
La Falda Espresso


REGION: Antioquia, La Sierra
FARM: Taza Cafe de Antioquia
FARMER: Jose Arcadio Rueda
ROAST: Medium
NOTES: Espresso Roast, Single Origin, Hand picked, pulped, sun-dried, Placed #2 in Taza de Antioquia out of 2,500 crops and #7 in COE and #3 at the Antioquia Microlot Competition SALGAR

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Placed #2 in Taza de Antioquia out of 2,500 crops and #7 in COE and #3 at the Antioquia Microlot Competition SALGAR

This outstanding crop offers a blast of sweet and bright flavors of red wine and cranberries, adding notes of creamy caramel along with a subtle rum finish.

This year’s Colombian Cup of Excellence saw a turn of events with two of the thirteen lots coming from Antioquia: La Falda from the municipality of Urrao and Montero from the village of la Sierra achieved #7 and #11 respectively. Joining forces with three local roasters plus customers from Poland and USA, Mercanta were lucky enough to be able purchase Jose Arcadio Rueda’s La Falda. With some strong contest, this lot managed to achieve the fourth highest price of all thirteen coffee

Born and brought up in Urrao, Anitoquia by coffee producing parents, Jose Arcadio Rueda’s passion for coffee was encouraged from a young age. Today this passion is shared by his wife and teenage son, who both work on the farm. Over the 16 years since buying the lot, they have together built up a plantation of 9500 trees.
Their interest in specialty coffee was ignited five years ago when they won the first regional coffee contest they participated in. The success of being recognized as one of the best coffees in Antioquia as well as their desire to continue producing high quality coffee gave them the motivation to continue competing. Their long-term goal of planting more coffee, striving for greater quality and spreading the word to the rest of the world is one shared by the Department of Antioquia.
Currently 72,000 of the 132,000 hectares cultivated with coffee in Antioquia produce specialty coffee. Having recognized the potential this provides farmers, the ‘Antioquia: Origin of specialty coffees’ was set up. Started in August 2012, this strategy aims to increase rural development through education, training, technical assistance to improve quality and the development of market access.

DOSE: 20 grams [ double ]
TEMPERATURE: 203 degrees
TIME: 26 - 28 seconds
VOLUME: 1.7 - 2.0 oz

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