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Klatch and Heather Perry to Aid El Salvador Relief Efforts

Next Week, Barista Champion Heather Perry will travel to El Salvador where she will teach three Barista Training Classes in conjunction with the El Salvador Alianza de Mujeres en Cafe (Alliance of Women in Coffee) to support those who lost their farms and houses as a result of heavy rains linked to Hurricane Ida. The goal is to raise enough money to build 10 houses. In addition, Klatch Coffee will donate $2 from every bag of El Salvador Las Mercedes Pepinal 1 (2006 COE #1 and our Direct Trade partner) that is purchased now through December 20th so our customers can assist and be part of the relief efforts!

On Sunday, November 8, 2009 the Central American country of El Salvador was hit by a weekend of heavy rains that were indirectly linked to Hurricane Ida. El Salvadorian President Mauricio Funes declared a national emergency in the wake of numerous mud slides, a river in Verapaz overflowing and destroying 300 homes, and massive rocks slides from the Chichontepec volcano. There were 124 casualties from the resulting flooding and mud slides and 60 people were named missing in the disaster. The storm displaced approximately 7,000 people who were living in shelters as of last week. Regions that were hit the hardest were central San Vicente and the area surrounding the capital of San Salvador.

Las Mercedes, one of Klatch Coffee's direct trade partners, is located in Usulután, a region neighboring San Vicente. The Las Mercedes farm has been affected by several mudslides around the farm, damaging 3 acres of their coffee trees and some roads, however no lives were lost. In the second week of December, Klatch Coffee Heather Perry heading to Las Mercedes to help with relief efforts as well as make the yearly visit per the direct trade partnership.

The direct trade program is designed to meet the needs of private and family coffee farms and co-ops in the market as well as provide the highest quality coffee for our customers. In order to do this, the best prices are given to the farmers who do the best work and are committed to healthy environmental and social practices. In creating a partnership with these farmers, Klatch Coffee pays a base price that exceeds the higher of the C Market price and the Fair Trade price by 25%, with a minimum of $1.85 paid to the farmer at the time of the harvest. A Klatch Coffee representative visits our direct trade partners at least once per harvest season in order to craft strategy, monitor harvest quality, and review the post-harvest results. In this way the Klatch is able to maintain the quality of our coffee as well as support the farmers who give us their hard work and superior coffee beans.

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