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Klatch Turns 20

We're very excited to have been in the specialty coffee business for 20 years! The unforgettable experiences we've had when we first started Klatch back in 1993 to the present made us who we are today; a coffee loving family! To celebrate this momentous event, we're hosting Klatch Coffee-Con at our Upland Roastery on Saturday, October 19th from 11am-3pm. Everyone's invited! We're going to have fun activities, demos and prizes!

Activities and Games will include:

  • roasting demo
  • latte art demo
  • build your own bar station (choose your coffee and brewing device)
  • match the grind with the brewing device
  • seed to cup
  • match the part with the name (burrs, portafilters, etc.)
  • We will provide FREE Espresso drinks and Nitro Cold Brew. Also, every 20 minutes, we will raffle off a prize!

There might be some surprises on top of all the activities listed. So if you're ready to get your "coffee geek" on, our Klatch Coffee-Con is the perfect place to be! For more information, call the Roastery office at (909)981-4031

Klatch Turns 20
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