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by The Klatch Team

Prior to leaving for Korea, our mom took separate video “interviews” of Heather and I. She asked us both, “What are you most excited about?” Not to anyone’s surprise, we both had very similar answers… We were excited to be expanding overseas and eager to see the community of Seoul experiencing Klatch!

The purpose of our visit was to train the staff of Klatch Korea not only about coffee and drinks, but to impress upon them what Klatch, and what our family, is truly all about. From the first meeting to the last goodbye, our time there was utilized to the fullest and everyone’s taste buds were on overdrive!

The staff consists of four baristas and the two store managers, Won and Liam, whom many of you had the opportunity to meet when they were here working with us. Each day the training consisted mostly of tasting, drinking, slurping, sipping, swishing… and eating! Together we would taste and talk about the Bru Bar coffees and then do the same with our espresso blends. We even tasted various fruits, juices and pastries in order to build up a knowledge bank of flavors.

During this process, Google quickly became another member of the team. We were frequently looking up definitions and translations in order to properly convey what we tasted. It is challenges such as this that make the transition into another country and culture tricky, but overall it is a challenge that was a lot of fun to tackle.

Back in December, once Klatch LAX was open, it was incredible to see people walking around the airport with our cups in their hand… at LAX!!! Unfortunately, I did not get to experience the same thing in Korea because the store opened its doors a few days after Heather and I left. It was saddening to leave before the opening, but even more so to leave the people and the place that became an extension of the Klatch family.

I still have the same feeling of excitement as I had before I left for Korea, and I am anticipating the moment when I am on the streets of Seoul and I see someone walking around with a Klatch cup in their hand! And how else will I get to experience that unless I go back?! 

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