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An informal gathering for coffee and conversation, simply stated, is what Klatch Coffee is. I [ Mike ] was in college and while there was an abundance of coffee to fuel my late night studies, the quality level left something to be desired. Sure there were many a quaint coffeehouse claiming "we buy only the best coffee," but the claim fell short once it got in the cup. It was this experience that brought me to wonder, "Why not bring together the charm and comfort of a traditional coffeehouse and serve world class specialty coffees?" And with this thought, the Klatch Coffee of today began. That same year, my wife and I opened the first of our locations. Each of our stores is built on the foundation of being a common gathering place, where people are invited to linger and Klatch while experiencing true specialty coffee.

Let's Klatch about Coffee
At Klatch Coffee we deliver an experience that is casual and social, all-American, and traditional that most of all, is real. But don't let our laid back nature fool you into thinking we are slouching on quality. When it comes to serving specialty coffee, the right way, the best way, is the only way Klatch will allow. Our claims to offer the best are one thing, but as a customer, you can hang your hat on the following - we do:

  • Only espresso ever awarded "Best Espresso in the World" at the World Barista Championships
  • Coffee Review awarded our espresso an impressive 94 points, their highest rated espresso
  • Coffee Review has awarded over 80% of our coffees with a score of 90 or above
  • Our Ethiopian and Panama Coffee’s have won the coveted "Best in Brew" from Ultimate Barista Challenges in Los Angeles, Orlando and New York

Award winning coffees are created as a result of nurturing relationships with the farmers who grow the beans. It is our belief that the art of the Klatch begins right where the seeds are planted. We painstakingly travel the globe to ensure we have the first look at the finest results of each harvest. Our commitment to honest business practices means we build trust and loyalty with the farmers we work with.

All of this is accomplished through a Direct Trade model and a simple handshake. That's the way we do business.

Mike Perry, Founder and CEO

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