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Training with The Marine Vet
'Training with The Marine Vet

Glidys Lozano is one of a kind. On top of her upbeat vibe and her great enthusiasm for coffee, she's also a Marine Veteran who traveled the world in support of multiple operations.

Seed To Cup Workshop Last April 2013
'Seed To Cup Workshop Last April 2013

With all the delicate, detailed explanation for each crop, we can tell that everyone’s mouth just started to water (exaggerated, but you get the idea). One by one the group ventured off to analyze each crop with an open minded approach to its prolific taste profile and origin.

Three-Day Training to Kick Off 2013
'Three-Day Training to Kick Off 2013

The day started off early as the trainees showed their enthusiasm to greet the day with some "Klatch wisdom".

Roasting with Ken Hodges
'Roasting with Ken Hodges

Our guest Roaster trainee for the week was Ken Hodges. He contacted our Roast Master, Mike Perry for some assistance and refinement in roasting techniques as well as identifying various bean types.

Crazy, Fun Barista Training
'Crazy, Fun Barista Training

Right off the bat, the Barista trainees had an excited and positive vibe, making it an eventful, crazy-fun week!

Simple Brewing Method Using The Chemex
'Simple Brewing Method Using The Chemex

Good day, Klatchaholics! Here are simple steps on how to brew great quality coffees at home

Camp-Pull-A-Shot Wrap-Up
Camp-Pull-A-Shot Wrap-Up

Last week Klatch Coffee went to Barista Guild of America's Camp-Pull-A-Shot with three all-star baristas and myself (Heather). Representing the Rancho Klatch we had Cortney and John, from San Dimas we had Liz, and then I (Heather) was there to keep everyone in line and do some testing of my own.

Naked Lemon Verbena
Naked Lemon Verbena

Create a small but refreshing cold espresso layered with verbena leaves with Barista Champion Heather Perry.

How to Enjoy Delicious Iced Coffee
Iced Coffee Tips

See how Barista Champ, Heather Perry, uses the Hario Fretta to make the 'coolest' coffee ever, plus additional tips.

1, 2, 3 ... Barista Training
Latte Art Tips

Latte Art is easy as 1, 2, 3... Heather's tips in creating the perfect heart. Learn great Latte Art tips and much more with Barista Champ at Klatch's Latte Art Class.

Beating the Summer Heat with Tasty Coffee Drinks
HP in Costa Rica

Summer is here along with triple digit temperatures. This morning on KSEE Sunrise we got some great tips on beating the heat from two-time National Barista Champion Heather Perry. Perry's summer homemade lattes cost pennies on the dollar compared to drinks from national coffee chains. Plus, Perry offers kid-friendly, "espresso-free" recipes so that the whole family can enjoy her unique drinks.

Heather Perry in Costa Rica
HP in Costa Rica

After two weeks of travels which started at the National Coffee Association (NCA) Convention in New Orleans followed by a intriguing east cost consulting gig, I finally arrived in Costa Rica Friday (March 18) on a red eye from LAX. I wasted no time for the last leg of my trip where Rodolfo from Inter American swifts me to his office to cup coffee from producers and farmer we were going to be visiting during the weekend.

Experience of Going to Origin
2010 Coffee Fest Seattle Wrap Up Report

So as most of you know already, I just came back from the trip of a lifetime visiting the coffee farms in Central America. I was In El Salvador for 4 days visiting the Las Mercedes farm which is home to 5 of my favorite coffees. Everyone at Las Mercedes made me feel so welcome and like I was the newest member of the family.

2010 Coffee Fest Seattle Wrap Up Report
2010 Coffee Fest Seattle Wrap Up Report

I am finally returning home after a month on the road, and I cannot think of a better way to wrap things up than with Coffee Fest Seattle. It was a great show with great new products, new classes, and a new latte art competition. Friday afternoon I judged the Best New Product Competition. There were a lot of things you come to expect to see but also a few new fun items. Two of my favorites were Double Wall Glass Tumblers, and a new French Press called a Duet, which is designed for properly brewed coffee and steeped tea. Look for both of these items online and in our retail stores soon.

Peru! Peru!
Peru! Peru!

Let's Talk Coffee - is an annual gathering of the coffee supply chain, coming together to understand the common problems they share in producing specialty coffee, took place on October 13-19 in Tarapoto, Peru. This year at Let's Talk Coffee the 1st Annual World Barista Forum took place, two dozen international champion baristas, including our barista champion Heather Perry, summit focused on best practices in promoting barista culture worldwide.

Heather in Peru!
Heather in Peru

Over the past couple days I (Heather) have had the privilege of attending and participating in Let’s Talk Coffee and the World Barista Forum in Tarapoto, Peru. It all started late Tuesday when many of us flew into Lima and stayed the night at the airport hotel only to leave a few hours later for our early morning flight to Tarapota. The crew for the day included myself, the staff from Sustainable Harvest, Marcus Young, Mike Strumpf, Skip Finley, Ken Olsen and many others...

Heather Perry's Best Barista Training
Heather Perry's Best Barista Training

Three Day Barista Training will start with the basics of espresso extraction and milk steaming, and will move on to explore more advanced techniques, such as, palate development through single origin espresso and a traditional cupping, advanced latte art techniques, drink building recipes, training strategies, and much more.

Where in World is Heather Perry?
Where in World is Heather Perry?

Heather Perry, Director of Training and Consulting currently in Tokyo, Japan finishing a consulting project, which is challenging the flavors of the coffee culture in Asia. After a week and half in Japan, Heather will fly into Denmark to meet with Ana Lucia from Honduras for WBC training at Grower's Cup Academy Lab. From charming Middelfart, Denmark Heather will be heading to London for the competition of the year, the World Barista Championship.

Coffee Expo, Barista Championship, Coffees of the Year... SCAA in town!
 SCAA's 22nd Annual Exposition

Today was the kick start of The Specialty Coffee Association of America's [SCAA] 22nd Annual Exposition and Symposium in Anaheim, California at the Anaheim Convention Center. "The Event" of year will be held in town until Sunday, April 18th. This exposition brings together thousands of international coffee professionals from more than 40 countries to focus on specialty coffee, sustaining the industry and farmers' livelihoods, and the latest and most innovative trends and products in the coffee marketplace.

Coffee Alliance in El Salvador

In partnership with the Women in Coffee Alliance of El Salvador (AAMMCES), two-time U.S. Barista Champion Heather Perry traveled to El Salvador to host a barista training seminar. The funds that were raised from the training sessions will be donated to Hurricane Ida relief efforts, assisting the rebuilding of homes and farms affected by the heavy rains. In order to continue with the relief efforts, Klatch Coffee is donating $2 for every 12oz bag of El Salvador Las Mercedes purchased through December 20, 2009.

Heather Perry and Got Milk?

In the first week of December, Heather Perry and Got Milk teamed up to host an event in Los Angeles that focused on providing delicious coffee holiday drinks for Christmas parties as an alternative to alcohol. Moms and their families were invited to this event, creating a fun filled atmosphere with crafts for the kids and delicious treats for the moms. Check out what some of the blogger moms are saying about the event!

Klatch and Heather Perry to Aid El Salvador Relief Efforts

Next Week, Barista Champion Heather Perry will travel to El Salvador where she will teach three Barista Training Classes in conjunction with the El Salvador Alianza de Mujeres en Cafe (Alliance of Women in Coffee) to support those who lost their farms and houses as a result of heavy rains linked to Hurricane Ida. The goal is to raise enough money to build 10 houses. In addition, Klatch Coffee will donate $2 from every bag of El Salvador Las Mercedes Pepinal 1 (2006 COE #1 and our Direct Trade partner) that is purchased now through December 20th so our customers can assist and be part of the relief efforts!

Klatch in the Midwest

Klatch's Heather Perry, Americas only two-time United States Barista Champion, will be the Master of Ceremonies for the 2009 Midwest Regional Barista Competition, October 30th to November 1st in St. Louis, Missouri.

The Midwest Regional Barista Competition draws the most skilled espresso drink makers from Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota and South Dakota. They compete to become the region's top barista by impressing judges while preparing and serving 12 coffee beverages in a 15 minute timeframe.

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