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Klatch Coffee Con 2013
Klatch Coffee Con 2013

As soon as everyone's alarm clock went off, the Klatch team went straight to prepare for our 20th anniversary celebration. The day was filled with excitement and anticipation hoping the event would be a day to remember; and it was.

The Best Geisha Cupping of 2013
The Best Geisha Cupping of 2013

All were wonderful and surprisingly different. A few we no longer have but saved just for this event. For those who were here, you know how special this was. For those who missed it, read on and sign up next time.

The Don Pachi is Back!
'The Don Pachi is Bac!

We're excited to bring back our most famous Geisha, the Don Pachi Natural from Panama. Gesha or Geisha is a variety, grown in the highlands of Boquete in Chiriquí Province, highly sought after by bidders in auctions, achieving high prices.

Roasting Class Aug. 2012
'Roasting Class August 2012

Last August 2012, the father and son coffee duo graced us with their presence hoping to learn more from our Roast Master, Mike Perry. It was one of the most exciting and fun roasting classes we've had.

Klatch Barista Cupping - July 2012
'Klatch Barista Cupping - July 2012

Last Tuesday, July 31st, the Klatch Barista crew visited the Upland Roastery for cupping, cupping and more cupping. It was an awesome idea to gather these cool cats and educate them on the great coffees that are headed to each Klatch location.

Cupping, Cupping, Cupping
'Cupping, Cupping, Cupping

This trip was all about cupping, from El Salvador to Costa Rica with stops in Panama and Nicaragua.

2012 Cupping Caravan Part 4: Back to Yirgacheffe and Co-op Visits
'2012 Ethiopian Cupping Caravan

After the long drive from Amaro to Yirgacheffe we pulled into the Hama Co-op to a large crowd of farmers and families. It was a bit overwhelming how many people came to meet us, watch us cup and hear our feedback. Upon arrival we immediately began to unload and set up in a covered area next to the Co-op office.

SCAA Portland Wrap Up
2012 'SCAA Portland Wrap Up

SCAA Portland Wrap Up

NEW Single Origin Espresso!
'2012 Sourcing Trip Part 1: El Salvador Las Mercedes

Currently Mike Perry, Klatch Coffee's Green Coffee Buyer, is souring great coffee in Central America. In celebration of his trip, Klatch's Espresso Club Members were provided with an exclusive sneak-peak of El Salvador Orange Bourbon Espresso. They were the first to receive this single origin espresso and now Klatch is releasing it to everyone.

2012 Sourcing Trip Part 5: Guatemala
'2012 Sourcing Trip Part 4: Honduras Cont.

Following the exhausting but magical experience of Honduras I was ready to visit familiar friends and farms in Guatemala. Another early start with a 7am flight to Guatemala via El Salvador continued like my trip from LAX begun, with an upgrade to business class. But first a funny story, as I am getting off the plane in Guatemala I see a guy in the row in front of me wearing a Viva Espresso shirt.

2012 Sourcing Trip Part 4: Honduras Cont.
'2012 Sourcing Trip Part 4: Honduras Cont.

I quickly learned that Honduras is a large country with coffee spread in many areas that required long days and much driving on hairpin tight roads to get from one coffee region to another. Rather than provide a daily diary, I would like to highlight a memory I will forever remember and cherish.

2012 Sourcing Trip Part 3: Honduras
'2012 Sourcing Trip Part 3: Honduras

From El Salvador we took the early flight to Honduras where Chuck of Bird Rock Roasters and I meet up with Martin Diedrich of Kean Coffee and Sherri Johns. For those who do not know Sherri she is a long time Cup of Excellence Head Judge who knows Honduras well and coordinated this part of our trip. Being a Head Judge for the best coffee of this country, Sherri knew all the top farmers and regions for us to visit and took full advantage to make this trip special for all of us.

2012 Sourcing Trip Part 2: El Salvador JASAL
'2012 Sourcing Trip Part 2: El Salvador JASAL

Day three started early and like those before it, would be another long one. Jose Antonio Jr. and his brother Andres picked me up early from Lucia’s house and after picking up Chuck of Bird Rock Coffee Roasters, this year's "Micro Roaster of the Year" and a friend who challenged me in "The Kenya Bet" (something I would remind him of often), we headed up to the Santa Ana region of El Salvador.

2012 Sourcing Trip Part 1: El Salvador Las Mercedes
'2012 Sourcing Trip Part 1: El Salvador Las Mercedes

After flying into San Salvador on the red eye from LAX, I was picked up by Lucia and Robert Ortiz of Finca Las Mercedes. We headed south and about 3 hours later we were walking the farm and meeting the workers. First up was the new nursery, home to over 50,000 (yes fifty-thousand) new baby trees where Pacamara and Bourbon varietals dominate. The trees will be used both to replace unproductive trees and to add more Pacamara.

590 KTIE and Klatch Coffee Supporting Troops
'590 KTIE and Klatch Coffee Supporting Troops

590 KTIE The IE News Hour and Klatch Coffee created operation All Out Attack, Klatch will donate a bag of coffee for every purchase made of All Out Attack coffee blend to support troops overseas.

Ring in the Holidays | Coffee & Espresso Club | Klatch Coffee
'Ring in the Holidays: Coffee & Espresso of the Month

October is coming to a close. After a great month in celebrating Fair Trade coffees we move on to traditional and classic beans to ring in the holiday season.

Brazil Wrap-Up: Highs, Lows, and fields of Snow
'The Kenya Bet

From Sao Paulo we traveled to Fazenda Ambiental Fortaleza (FAF), home of the Bob-o-Link. Unfortunately this was a sad and disappointing visit. We were told by owner Marcos Croce that the high quality Bob-O-Link we loved in the past would now be a lower quality blend that does not meet Klatch standards. We also tried many-many cups which Marcos called "micros lots," unfortunately they were mediocre in quality, and had prices at Cup of Excellence (COE) levels.

Sex with a Coffee Bean
'The Kenya Bet

Right after arriving from the airport and a quick stop to drop off our luggage at the hotel, Steve Sims, from Bodhi Leaf Trading Co., and my myself, were off to visit Coffee Lab. Coffee Lab is a experimental coffee bar created by former Brazilian Barista Champion, Isabella. The Coffee Lab is no ordinary coffee bar. This nontraditional coffee bar has no counter and set up just like a coffee lab. There is a 12k Diedrich roaster on one end with sealers and basic roasting items, with a La Marzocco espresso machine and various brewing methods on the other. Most drip coffee is brewed by a AeroPress coffee maker.

Travel Through Africa
'New Espresso Blend

Out of Africa will be available at all Klatch retail locations and online at www.klatchroasting.com, Friday, August 5, 2011.

The Kenya Bet
'The Kenya Bet

One of the great things about the coffee industry is the friendships and relationships. Even though we all compete and strive for the perfect roast or espresso, we still work together and help each other. Often we travel together and even buy lots together. One such person I do a lot of this with is my friend and co- ‘Roaster of the Year’ Jeff Taylor of PT’s Coffee Roaster. That’s how this story starts. You see Jeff found these wonderful lots of Kenya and offered to share with another friend and Klatch, Chuck, of Bird Rock Coffee Roasters.

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