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20 Facts You Didn't Know About Klatch
20 Facts You Didn't Know About Klatch

Here's a fun fact! Read all about the 20 things you didn't know about Klatch Coffee.

Cascara Coffee Cherry Tea
'The 2013 SCAA Wrap Up)

Coffee cherry tea is an herbal tea made from the dried berries (or "cherries") of the coffee plant. It is also known as cascara, from the Spanish cáscara, meaning "husk", and is different from cascara sagrada tea, a powerful plant-based laxative.

Celebrate National Coffee Day 2013 with Klatch
'Celebrate National Coffee Day 2013 with Klatch

We're celebrating National Coffee Day in a special way by giving every customer the opportunity to win a free drink or a discount for this day.

Celebrate NCD with ABC
'Celebrate NCD with ABC

Klatch Coffee will be celebrating National Coffee Day in a special way by giving every customer the opportunity to win a free drink or a discount for this day.

Curing the Rust
Curing the Rust

This is a visual presentation of the effects of the rust attack on coffee plantations. Andres Salaverria, the director of Jasal Coffee imports have documented a before and after piece of how the rust affects their coffee plantation and what the future holds for them.

Find the Four "Cool Guy" Turkeys - 2013 Thanksgiving Contest
Find the

Four Mr. Cool Guy Turkeys are hiding somewhere in the Klatch website. Once you find all four, email all four pages where they were hiding to marketing@klatchroasting.com and you will be entered for a chance to win and Espresso or Drip Holiday Sample Pack.

Find the Mystical Roastmaster and his Minions
Find the Mystical Roastmaster and his Minions

The Mystical Roastmaster has taken over Klatch Coffee’s website! He and his 3 minions are hiding, waiting for their chance to strike! Can you find all four of them?

Klatch Korea
Klatch Korea

The purpose of our visit was to train the staff of Klatch Korea not only about coffee and drinks, but to impress upon them what Klatch, and what our family, is truly all about. From the first meeting to the last goodbye, our time there was utilized to the fullest and everyone’s taste buds were on overdrive!

Klatch Photo Contest
Klatch Photo Contest

In celebration of our 20th anniversary this coming October 19th, we're doing a photo contest!

Klatch Turns 20
'Celebrate NCD with ABC

We're very excited to have been in the specialty coffee business for 20 years! The unforgettable experiences we've had when we first started Klatch back in 1993 to the present made us who we are today; a coffee loving family!

Klatch Turns 20
'20 Days of Klatchtastic Deals

In celebration of our 20 years anniversary this October 2013, we're offering 20 days of deals from Sept 30-Oct 19. Each day has it's own special, so make sure to take advantage of this klatchtastic deal.

What is a Geisha?
What is a Geisha?

Geisha plants are originally from a southwestern Ethiopian town named Gesha and are known for their elongated cherries and for having particularly low-yielding bushes. They grow taller and wider than most common varieties so there are few plants per hectare.

Training to Improve Financial Stability
'Free Coffee to Celebrate NCD

This day in age, everyone is looking for ways to be more sustainable, but sustainability is more than protecting the earth’s resources. Sustainability as defined by Webster’s is a method of using a resource (your finances), so that the resource (your money) is not depleted or damaged. Now there are a lot of ways to do this that we all know about.

Free Coffee to Celebrate NCD
'Free Coffee to Celebrate NCD

Klatch Coffee will be celebrating National Coffee Day by offering a variety of specialty coffee drinks for free, on September 29, 2011 at all retail locations.

Jerome Likes His Klatch Coffee
'Jerome Likes His Klatch Coffee

Jerome Fontamillas, keyboardist/guitarist/vocals for Switchfoot loves his Klatch Coffee. Check his story out!

Congrats on a Good Job Ontario Team!
'Congrat on a Good Job Ontario

I have to thank you for exceeding my expectations. Two of gentlemen at your Ontario location rescued me from a disaster this past Wednesday. We were hosting a small meeting with some major buyers. I am usually in charge of hospitality for these meetings. I placed an order with a restaurant for some pastries and coffee the day before the meeting. When I arrived for pick-up they had not only did not have my order ready but had no log of me even calling prior.

LAX Coffeehouse is now open
'Upland Coffeehouse Sets up Shop in LAX

So often people think coffee is the same but to have them taste (our coffee) and say `Wow, I never knew coffee could be so good.' That's what I want to be able to see."

Sold Out Coffee Notice
'Sold Out Coffee Notice

Ethiopian Amaro Gayo, our recently honored Best Single Origin Espresso by Let's Talk Coffee is no longer available, we are completely sold out and do not expect to receive this fantastic bean until next harvest. We highly suggest our new FTO Ethiopian Gedeo Worka, this distinct and diverse beans is brighter, cleaner and equally or more fruitier then the Amaro Gayo.

There is No X in Espresso
There is No X in Espresso

Espresso is made by forcing near boiling water under high pressure through finely ground coffee, producing an almost syrupy beverage.

'Hacienda La Esmeralda' to be featured at KC Public Cupping Event

Panama Esmeralda Special is going to be featured at Klatch Coffee's monthly cupping event on the fourth week of September. Hacienda Esmeralda has set many world record auction prices for its famous Geisha varietal, including this year's record price of $170.00 per pound at the "Best of Panama" coffee auction.

20 Years Of Klatch-tastic Coffees & Conversations
'20 Years Of Klatch-tastic Coffees & Conversations

It was October of 1993 that Mike and Cindy opened the Coffee Klatch in Rancho Cucamonga.

The King of Glass has Arrived!

Hairo is "The King of Glass" in Japanese. Harioglass instruments are the result of skills inherited and improved among craftsmanship since 1921. These stylish and functional brewing appliances have the highest value of quality. Hario uses only 100% natural resources to produce high heat resistant glass, which are dishwasher and microwave friendly.

Summer Treat, Iced Coffee

Don't sacrifice your cup of coffee just because the weather is too warm. Iced coffee has become an increasingly popular beverage of choice in recent years. The transformation of a hot cup of coffee into a sweet iced drink makes for a refreshing afternoon treat on those hot summer days. Luckily, you can bring Klatch into your kitchen and make a homemade iced coffee like a pro.

Rancho Klatch is Back!
Rancho Klatch is Back!

All-American traditional coffee house is back and rocking a fresh contemporary look with a novel flair. Rancho Klatch is the only coffeehouse in the Inland Empire serving on the captivating and chic pour-over Tru Bur Bar. A simple but attractive and elegant white ceramic cones made of recycle material on a stainless steel brew bar station. This pour-over station will contain the results of a perfect roasted coffee and meticulous brewing.

Klatch in the NEWS

By Wendy Leung, Inland Valley Daily Bulletin

When two Starbucks opened on the northwest corner of Vineyard and Foothill, coffee lovers held their breath and wondered what it would mean to the independent darling Klatch Coffee across the way...

Wet & Crazy Party at the Roastery!
'Wet & Crazy Party at the Roastery!

After enjoying the night eating, drinking, making animal balloons and mingling with the crew, Heather gathered everyone to host our annual Latte Art Relay.

Celebrating Direct Trade

Klatch Coffee believes in high quality coffee and its commitment to our customers by offering exceptional coffee. In order to guarantee great coffee, Klatch works closely with producers building a strong relationship.

Klatch would like to take the time to commemorate the commitment in working with coffee farmers who are true artisans of coffee cultivation and practice their craft with a dedication, passion and skill. As well as, offer support to these skilled producers for the sole purpose of presenting our customers with only the highest-quality coffee.

Direct Trade Farmer Visits

Lucia Ortiz, El Salvador Las Mercedes Pepinal 1 honored Klatch with a grand visit. She gave a wonderful presentation on Las Mercedes a Direct Trade farm to the girls at the Motley Coffeehouse, in Claremont. In addition to meeting Klatch Roastery team in Upland, she also chatted up with Rancho and San Dimas Coffeehouse squad. Lucia also made several appearances at other coffeehouses in Southern California who feature Coffee Klatch Direct Trade Coffee. She finished the trip with our own event "Breakfast with a Farmer" in our San Dimas Coffeehouse.

Klatch LAX Soars High on Opening Day
Klatch LAX Soars High on Opening Day

Last Wednesday, December 5th, the long awaited Klatch LAX branch has officially opened it's doors to the public.

Coffeehouse Buck the Slump

About a year ago Fresh Cup Magazine spoke to many coffeehouses around the country about their strategies to survive the recession. Fresh Cup back with their October issue and asked our own Mike Perry about his approaches on the coffee industry.

"Customer education about farmers, varietals and direct trade has created value and a sense of ownership to customers on all levels of our business"

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