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The 2013 Colombia Sourcing Trip (Part 1)
The 2013 Colombia Sourcing Trip (Part 1)

I just returned from Medellin where I was invited to be a cupping judge for the Antioquia Government who has six coffee hunters searching for the best coffee in the state of Antioquia. While there I joined friends Chuck of Birdrock and Jeff of Portola to launch Roasters United, a joint effort to find the Best Micro Lots in all of Colombia.

The 2013 Colombia Sourcing Trip (Part 2)
The 2013 Colombia Sourcing Trip (Part 2)

Following a great day of cupping the Best of Antioquia, I was picked up at my hotel by Juan Alvaro Arboteda of Finca Los Alpes to visit his farm in the Bolivar Municipio.

The 2013 Colombia Sourcing Trip (Part 3)
The 2013 Colombia Sourcing Trip (Part 3)

My final day in Colombia started early Saturday as Leonardo picked up Chuck, Jeff and myself to begin cupping for ‘Roasters United’. This idea started as an idea to find the Best Coffee and reward those farmers who work so hard to create it.

The 2013 SCAA Wrap Up
'The 2013 SCAA Wrap Up)

My weekend started with a redeye Wednesday night, landing in Boston at 630am on Thursday. Going straight to the conference to prepare for competition. I competed in the Brewers Cup Competition using Klatch Coffee’s Nicaragua Adeprofoca Maragogype, such a complex and amazing cup that I brewed in the Clever dripper.

The 2013 Panama Sourcing Trip (Day 1 & 2)
'The 2013 Panama Sourcing Trip (Day 1 & 2)

We drove from David to Boquete where Francisco was dropped off to prep the cupping while we visited Elida Estate, the farm of Wilford’s Father. To my surprise we saw many many red and green cherries still on the trees.

The El Salvador Sourcig Trip (Day 3,4 & 5)
'The 2013 El Salvador Trip ( Day 2-6 )

One main objective of my trip was to teach barista skills. Having been a barista for two years now, and much teaching experience outside this field, educating others about specialty coffee combines two passions of mine.

The El Salvador Sourcing Trip Viva Espresso (Day 2 & 6)
'The 2013 El Salvador Trip ( Day 2-6 )

Never have my barista skills been tested than the day I worked at Viva Espresso, A specialty coffee shop in El Salvador. I was invited to work for a day in the shop and experience barista life in another country. I knew I would have to be on my game that day.

The 2013 El Salvador Trip - Day 1
'The 2013 El Salvador Trip - Day 1

To say the least, sleepy is no longer a word to describe us. In between, we grab lunch at the Montaña de Alaska Hotel. It was surrounded by fincas and miles of lush tropical scenery. Most importantly, I notice defined lines in the mountainsides created by trees.

Mike's 2013 Trip to Kenya
'Mike's 2013 Trip to Kenya

A lion came walking down the road straight toward us. With full mane and awesome presence, it was clear this was his territory. He came within two feet of our van and showed no fear as he continued on his path. What an awesome experience.

Roya Outbreak in Central America
'Roya Outbreak in Central America

The problem at Las Mercedes is that the Roya is coming from neighboring farms as it is spread by wind. So while they are trying to control on their farm, how do they control a neighbor who is less concerned or does not care or cannot control it?

The 2013 Medellin Trip
'The 2013 Medellin Trip

While I have been to Colombia many times this was my first trip to Medellin. It is a beautiful city surrounded by mountains everywhere. I was here for a special cupping of the top 20 from 2800 coffees form the Colombian state of Antioquia.

Mike's Sourcing Trip To Costa Rica and El Salvador 2013
'Mike's Sourcing Trip To Costa Rica and El Salvador 2013

After enjoying the night eating, drinking, making animal balloons and mingling with the crew, Heather gathered everyone to host our annual Latte Art Relay.

Klatch at Imbibe Magazine's 5 To Try
Klatch at Imbibe Magazine's 5 To Try

Towards the end of the last year, we've been getting some surprising press (we're definitely not complaining)

Pizza, Pasta, Party!
'Pizza, Pasta Party!

Other than the Election being the focal point of the day, the Klatch team went out and had a great time at John's Incredible Pizza!

Geisha Cupping & Roastery Demo
'Geisha Cupping & Roastery Demo

The day started off a bit gloomy but when everyone started coming in, we knew it was going to be an eventful day.

"An Interview With One Of The World's Best Coffee Roasters"
'An Interview With One Of The World's Best Coffee Roasters

It was at this time that I struggled to find great coffee. I was buying from 6 different roasters trying to find great beans, but their claims fell short in the cup. So I decided to buy a coffee roaster and do it myself.

Press Enterprise Spills the Beans on Klatch
'Press Enterprise Spills the Beans on Klatch

Last Wednesday (10/3/12), Mike Perry and Jenette Green was interviewed by Laurie Lucas from The Press Enterprise.

Klatch Team at Barista Nation
'Klatch Team at Barista Nation

Both Mike and Heather Perry were at the Barista Nation in Los Angeles last Saturday (9/15/2012).

The Perry Girls are Certified Sommeliers
'The Perry Girls are Certified Sommeliers

Congratulations to our very own, Heather and Holly Perry! They are now officially level 2 certified Sommeliers.

100% For Klatch & A.B.E Competition is On!
'100% For Klatch & A.B.E Competition is On!

From thousands of Coffeehouse, eight semi-finalists from the Western United States have been selected for the inaugural DaVinci Gourmet America's Best Coffeehouse Competition.

A Letter from The Troops
'A Thank You Note from The Troops - July 2012

Since we've been donating our All Out Attack Blend to Task Force Attack ( an army aviation regiment currently stationed in Afghanistan), the Klatch team received an awesome thank you note from them, last Tuesday, August 13, 2012.

Klatch Panama Sweeps The Podium!
Klatch Panama Sweeps The Podium

Great news from Klatchville! We recently received Klatchtastic high scores on our new crop Panamas from Coffee Review. Ken Davids gave our Esmeralda Leon 96 points, Don Pachi Natural Geisha 94 and Elida Natural 93.

Klatch for America's Best Coffeehouse
Klatch for Best Coffeehouse

First of all, we'd like to say thank you to everyone who voted for Klatch Coffee to be part of the 2012 Coffee Fest. It's such an honor to be part of this awesome event. This will give us the momentum to compete in Seattle and become America's Best Coffeehouse!

Roastery Tour & Cupping - July 2012
'Roastery Tour & Cupping - July 2012

Greetings from the Klatch roastery here in Upland, Ca! I would like to take some time to share with you the awesome experience I had in showing you our roasting and cupping demonstration last Saturday [July 14th]. For those of you who had the opportunity to take part in that special event, I want to sincerely thank you.

2012 Good Food Awards Finalist
2012 Good Food Awards Finalist

Last week Good Food Awards announced the 2012 Finalist. Klatch Coffee's FTO Ethiopian Gedeo Worka was honored and name one of the 11 finalist in the coffee category.

Rwanda Cafe Femenino Scores 93
'Rwanda Cafe Femenino Scores 93

The Klatch team is honored to have been given a high score of 93 points by Coffee Review.

ShowBiz Cafe Coffee Tasting feat. Klatch
ShowBiz Cafe Coffee Tasting feat. Klatch

The crowds turned out Thursday at Showbiz Cafe locations on both coasts to sample a variety of exotic coffee blends from Klatch Coffee. The first in a monthly series of events at Showbiz Cafe Los Angeles and Showbiz Cafe New York, the complimentary tastings featured six different tantalizing brews to try, along with free pastries. .

Nation's Best Small Coffee Makers
Geisha Cupping Event Wrap Up Report

Cult coffee brands are popping up all over the country. From single-origin batches to the microlots by which they are artfully, even obsessively, roasted, they pride themselves on their craftsmanship and small size. (Forget Starbucks: Even Blue Bottle strikes some of these outfits as too "corporate.") With the help of Ken Davis, editor of Coffee Review, Fortune has mapped some of the industry's most promising players.

Geisha Cupping Event Wrap Up Report
Geisha Cupping Event Wrap Up Report

This past weekend Klatch Coffee held the first Geisha cupping and warehouse tour for the public. Even though Klatch holds public cuppings monthly at all retail locations, this particular event was unique and special. Not only were guests going to taste top of the line coffee but it also brought them to Klatch's roasting facility.

Klatch Coffee Hosts Geisha Cupping and Roasting Event
Klatch Coffee Hosts Geisha Cupping and Roasting Event

Award-winning southern California coffee roaster, Klatch Coffee will host an elite Geisha cupping event, Saturday, September 17, 2011, with a live roasting demonstration.

LA's Best Coffee Application
LA's Best Coffee Application

After conquering the java WiFi worlds of London, New York, and San Francisco, the “Best Coffee” iPhone-Android application is now available. The software is the work of brothers Derek and Mark Lamberton.

Barista Brews Summer Treats and Tips
Barista Brews Summer Treats and Tips

Summer just arrived and it's already heating up temperatures in no time at all, leaving everyone scrambling for ways to stay cool. A cold drink will likely do the trick to beat the heat while indulging in a delicious summer treat. Two-time National Barista Champion Heather Perry has teamed with Got Milk? to deliver her latest summer homemade latte creations, promising to satisfy sweet tooths and save pennies.

Congrats to 2011 USBC "The Pete"
Congrats to 2011 USBC

Congratulations to 2011 United States Barista Champion (USBC) "The Pete" Licata from Honolulu Cafe Co. Pete is the first national barista champion to use 100% Hawaiian coffee, which he produced from seed to cup with the help of his team. Pete featured coffee from Rusty's Hawaiian 100% Ka'u Coffee farm and Kona Coffee & Tea Company's Wai'ono Meadows farm.

The Specialty Coffee Event of the Year
The Specialty Coffee Event of the Year

The 23rd SCAA Symposium and Exposition taking place at the George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston, Texas since Wednesday, April 26th until Monday, May 1st 2011.

Culinary Connoisseur Joins Nationally Known Premium Coffee Roaster
Culinary Connoisseur Joins Nationally Known Premium Coffee Roaster

Klatch Coffee appointed Chef Emily Hartop as Corporate Chef and Account Manager to provide an enhanced culinary perspective to the craft of coffee roasting and preparation.

Klatch "Brews" at NCA & UBC

This past weekend I was fortunate enough to be a part of the National Coffee Association (NCA) Centennial Convention in New Orleans. The weekend started off with a parade down the streets of New Orleans to the Board of Trade where we were treated to a traditional spread of muffalettas, po'boys, and a crawfish boil. One of the great things about the NCA since this convention is smaller, they really allow for a lot of time to socialize and get to meet new people.

NCA Centennial Convention 2011
NCA Centennial Convention

National Coffee Association (NCA) USA will proudly be celebrating 100 years of service. The NCA Centennial Convention is taking place this weekend, March 16-19, 2011 at The Roosevelt Hotel in New Orleans, Louisiana, the birthplace of coffee in the United States.

It is Southwest Time to Shine!
It is Southwest Time to Shine!

It is southwest time to shine! Starting Friday, March 4th until the Sunday, March 6th Southwest Regional Barista Competition will be in full affect in Hollywood. Yes, top notch baristas from six different states will be throwing it down for SWRBC title.

Danger in El Salvador
Danger in El Salvador

Just in from our Partner Lucia Ortiz of Las Mercedes: Hello guys the coffee is in big DANGER in El Salvador they are killing people to get it!

Coffee Fest Chicago Wrap Up Report
Coffee Fest Chicago Wrap Up Report

I just got back from Coffee Fest Chicago and what a great show full of amazing competitions. The show started Friday with the first day of the Latte Art Competition where we narrowed the field down from 64 to 32 competitors. I then spent the afternoon judging the Best New Product where I saw new products such as a new Coffee Body Soap line, including shampoo, conditioner, lotion, and body scrub, as well as a Seasonal Espresso.

Coffee Fest Chicago
Coffee Fest Chicago

Our Director of Training and Consulting, Heather Perry is heading out to Illinois this weekend for Coffee Fest Chicago, February 18-20th. This trade show serves and showcases the best new coffee products in the industry and the finest baristas in north central region. Heather will be emceeing the Latte Art Competition and the North Central Regional Barista Competition.

Klatch Coffee Throwdown
Klatch Coffee Throwdown

During Klatch After Holiday Party, Klatch staff had a Latte Art Throwdown.

Perfect Cup of Coffee
Perfect Cup of Coffee

Heather with Lauren Whitney in Grand Junction, Colorado, NBC Station, talking about what makes the perfect cup of coffee.

Learning the Art of Coffee Cupping
Learning the Art of Coffee Cupping

For dozens of people in Grand Junction, Colorado, coffee never tasted so good until Heather Perry - taught a room full of people how to "cup" coffee.

King Brew - Inland Empire Magazine
King Brew - Inland Empire Magazine

In February's Issue of Inland Empire, Klatch Coffee was featured in an article titled "Brew Kings: pouring a cup of coffee has become an art form. Find out where java is king- and more is added than just cream and sugar." by David Cohen.

Geisha Coffee
Klatch Photo Contest

Geisha plants are originally from a southwestern Ethiopian town named Gesha and are known for their elongated cherries and for having particularly low-yielding bushes. They grow taller and wider than most common varieties so there are few plants per hectare.

Coffee Direct Trading
Coffee Direct Trading

Learn an in-depth definition of what a Coffee Direct Trading is all about.

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