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Mario Carnival, Has Arrived!

One of the world's best has arrived at Klatch! We are lucky to be the first to receive this extraordinary coffee that has set off high auction records. It's long, boated-shape bean holds floral, citrus, honey and fruit notes on the nose that carries into the palate with sweet lemon orange citrus acidity, floral honeysuckle, fruit notes of cherry and slight berry, tropical flavors and stone fruit peach, with a very sweet and pleasing aftertaste.

The Esmeralda Special is delicately rich, balanced but gracefully intense coffee that comes from trees of the botanical variety Geisha. Esmeralda Panama continues to be one of the world's most unique coffees. "Mario" refers to the lot where the coffee was grown, and "Carnival" the time of year when this particular lot was harvested, relatively early during February, thus associating it with pre-Lenten Carnival festivities.

Please note all PRE-ORDERS have been shipped and should be arriving late this week or early next week, if you haven't already received. Once you receive your Mario Carnival share with us, with a review.

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