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Ethiopian Amaro Gayo, New Crop!

Like lasts years fantastic bean, this year's organic coffee possesses chocolate and berry tastes that practically melt in your mouth, but cleaner with strawberries added to the mix. Smooth, buttery and creamy. A real must try, both as a delightful drip or single origin espresso.

This exceptional coffee is exported through Ethiopian's only female miller and exporter, Asnakech Thomas. She is one of the most inspiring figures in Ethiopian coffee today. Native to the Amaro region, Asnakech decided in 2005 to return to her homeland to improve coffee quality at her mill and in local communities. She is one of the few people to travel weekly between Addis and the coffee areas. The Amaro Mountains are a small range separating the communities of Amaro on the eastern slopes from Nechisar National Park and the lowland tribal areas of Arba Minch in southwest Ethiopia, Sidama region. The local coffee varieties, relatively light population, waterfalls and highland bamboo forests are among the many unique features of the area.

All Amaro Gayo coffee is certified organic. Prices paid for this coffee are at the extreme high end of market, social programs are in the works including possibilities for assistance with capacity building and coffee job creation, schools, clean water and medical care.

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