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Klatch Coffee Barista Wins UBC Frappe Challenge
Klatch Coffee Barista Wins UBC Frappe Challenge

Klatch Coffee barista, Jessica Rodriguez, competed in the Ultimate Barista Challenge August of 2013 and won the Frappe Challenge.

Klatch Wins Best Coffeehouse in America
Klatch Wins Best Coffeehouse in America

Los Angeles, California (September 25, 2012) - Southern California's specialty coffee roaster, Klatch Coffee Inc. is riding the wave of wins. After winning four gold medals at this year's Ultimate Barista Challenge, The Klatch Team, composed of Heather Perry, Holly Perry and Jenette Green, gave everyone something to "klatch" about by winning the unprecedented title of Best Coffeehouse in America.

Klatch Wins an 'Oscar,' Good Food Award
'Klatch Coffee Wins an ‘Oscar,’ Good Food Award

Nationally known and award-winning coffee roaster Klatch Coffee was recognized and honored with a Good Food Award, for its fair trade organic coffee from Ethiopia, Gedeo Worka.

Cappuccine "Ultimate Frappe" Recipe Contest

Congratulations to all Cappuccine "Ultimate Frappe" Recipe Contest winners. Especially to Klatch's own barista, Jarad Ryan for taking 2nd place with his Turkish Coffee Frappe.

Four Golds for Klatch
'Four Golds for Klatch

The competition was intense. Kean Coffee definitely brought their "A game" and it was pretty much Klatch V.S. Kean (for the most part). Day 1 was interesting because we were unable to see the competitors latte art, so we had no way of knowing how or where we stood.

Klatch Coffee is the "Ultimate" Winner
'93 Pts Kenya

75th Western Foodservice and Hospitality Expo (WFHE) hosted the Ultimate Barista Challenge USA for the second time in San Diego, California. Award-winning specialty coffee roaster and retailer Klatch Coffee defended their title as the "Ultimate" champion.

Best New Kenya of the Year Scored 93 Pts
'93 Pts Kenya

Klatch Coffee's new Kenya just received 93 points by Coffee Review. The same Kenya submitted by two other top roasters -- KIatch ranking on top.

Finalist for Good Food Award
'Klatch Finalist for Good Food Award

Earlier this week Good Food announced the 21 finalist for coffee. Klatch Guatemala Covadonga placed in the top five of the Western Region Division out of 45 coffees submitted. Our Covadonga going up against stiff competition with other talented roasters like Blue Bottle, Ecco, Intelligentsia, and Ritual in the Western Division.

Costa Rica Helsar Scored 92 Points
'Costa Rica Helsar Scored 92 Points

"Flowers, white wine and tangerine-like citrus soften toward a cocoaish dark chocolate in aroma and cup. Delicately bright, wine-like acidity, silky mouthfeel. Gently tart, chocolate-toned finish."

Klatch Sweeps UBC USA

Klatch Coffee dominated The Ultimate Barista Challenge USA at the Western Foodservice and Hospitality Expo, sweeping all three challenges. The expo took place August 14th to the 16th, 2010, at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

Decaf Scores High!
Decaf Scores High!

Natural Decaf Process Colombian scored 89 points by Ken Davids from coffeereview.com. This month Ken sampled over 50 decaf blends and 30 of North American's finest specialty roasters. Klatch came in on top with a 89 points for a decaffeinated coffee. Ken noted this promising dessert coffee "delicately rich and fruit-toned.

Ardi Scored 93 Points!
Ardi Scored 93 Points!

Ethiopian Sidamo Ardi scored 93 points by coffee review. Ken Davids described this coffee as a "sweet fruit ferment influences a deep, brandied chocolate and cherry character in both aroma and cup. Round, lush acidity; full, syrupy mouthfeel. The brandied chocolate/cherry notes carry straight into an expansive short finish; a hint of salty astringency develops in the long, though still softened by a ringingly sweet fruit."

Add It To The 90+ List
Right Off The Roaster!

Our fairly new Sumatra Bodhi Peaberry just scored 91 points by Coffee Review. Ken noted this delightful Sumatra with "aromatic hints of berry-like fruit mix with aromatic wood and a deep, molasses-like sweetness. Rich acidity, continuing sweetness and cedary wood in the cup, rounding toward a ripe peach. The flavor mutes but hangs on in the sweet finish."

Mocha Java 91 Points

Ringing in the year with another 90 plus point review from coffee guru Ken Davids from Coffee Review. Our Mocha Java scored 91 points! Davids classified the ancient Mocha-Java blend as "intense aroma: brandyish fermented fruit, sweet-toned flowers and aromatic wood. In the cup richly balanced; delicate fruit and floral top notes with deeper hints of earth, brandy-toned chocolate and aromatic wood."

Kenya Githiru 95 Points!

Kenya Githiru has recently been scored a 95 by Coffee Review! Described as a "gentle sweet, complete version of the great Kenya profile" with flavors of ripe, red fruit and citric acidity. A syrupy, round body with unforgettable sweetness. Limited supply so order today.

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