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Klatch Barista Cupping - July 2012

by The Klatch Team

Last Tuesday, July 31st, the Klatch Barista crew visited the Upland Roastery for cupping, cupping and more cupping. It was an awesome idea to gather these cool cats and educate them on the great coffees that are headed to each Klatch location.

Roaster Master, Mike Perry was "down with the Klatch crew", showing great enthusiasm to a crowd of young coffee lovers that shared the same passion for flavor, quality and artistry in every cup of coffee.

The main objective was to identify which cup had the best all around flavor, acidity and body. Then, the Klatch crew wrote their individual evaluations to what seems to be the "cream of the crop". This is the process we used to create a collective vote on what seems to work and what needs work.

Overall, it was a great experience to gather people and "klatch" about coffee. Look out for new things happening in Klatchville along with an awesome new review coming soon!

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