Kenya Gichatha-Ini
Kenya Gichatha-Ini



REGION: Mt. Kenya
VARIETAL: SL 28 and SL 34
FARM: Gichatha-Ini Factory
FARMER: Gikanda Co-op
ROAST: Medium
NOTES: 93 PTS by Coffee Review


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Gichatha-Ini is the best new Kenya of the year! This classic is bright, citric, floral, fruity, clean and balanced. Reminds you of a wonderful limoncello (an Italian lemon liqueur) with a hint of cherry. A very juicy, balanced and complete cup. Gichatha-Ini truly hits the trifecta of clean bright acidity, round juicy body, and sweet lemon fruity flavor. A perfect bean for the summer.

Gichatha-Ini Factory is 70 miles from Narobi and 3.7 miles from Karatina town along the Nairobi–Nyeri highway. This area lies at an altitude of 1600 M on the fertile foothills of Mt. Kenya and Aberdare ranges slope. Commonly referred to as the home of Kenyan coffee this area is reputed for its high quality coffee evident from the numerous quality awards won by coffee from this factory.

This factory has won several awards for quality and the prices paid to the farmers. In 2006 the factory won an award for the highest rate paid for coffee in the whole country of Kenya.

This region has deep and fertile soils rich in organic matter with high water retention capacity. The soils have a good structure providing good drainage and aeration for the coffee trees. This region lies in the upper midland zone which is relatively cool with abundant and reliable rainfall.

In line with sustainable and responsible farming principles the factory has adopted certification and advocates for good agricultural practices among its farmers. The factory is Fair Trade Certified and is currently pursuing Utz Kapeh Certification. In order to conserve electricity clean water for pulping is sourced from river Ragati using channels.

After harvesting farmers deliver their coffee to the factory on the same day. Great care is taken to sustain bean quality, and secure the highly valued bluish-greyish green raw bean colour by proper fermentation and slow sun drying of the pulped coffee.

Blind assessment by Coffee Review: "Richly tart, crisp in aroma and cup: grapefruit, black currant, roasted nut, baker’s chocolate, fresh-cut fir. Delicate, cleanly bright acidity; very smooth, silky mouthfeel. Complex fruit centered on grapefruity citrus lingers in a long finish." With an overall 93 points.

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