Panama Ironman Geisha (LIMITED SUPPLY, Roast Date: 5/5)
Ironman Geisha



REGION: Chirique
FARM: Finca La Aurora
FARMER: Roberto Brenes
ROAST: Medium
NOTES: Natural Process, BOP Certified of first prize in the Geisha washed category 2013
Next Roast Date: Monday 21

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Klatch is excited to introduce the Panama Ironman Geisha! This new Geisha exhibits a subdued yet intense floral and jasmine-like aroma, a distinct though delicate acidity with bright shimmers of white wine and notes of berries, mango, papaya, mandarin oranges and green tea.

"Ironman Geisha is a nickname of Auromar Panama Geisha and only used by the auction lots sold through the Best of Panama Auction." - Roberto Brenes
This corp that we purchased is the same geisha from the same lot as the auction lot. It was purchased via our direct trade model, bringing this great bean to our customers at a significant value to the $179.82 lb green price of the auction lot.

Auromar S.A. has been engaged in the production of high-end rare quality SHB coffee since 2006. Presently the project is engaged almost exclusively in the farming of Geisha Coffee and to a lesser extent in the production of high quality Tekisic Coffee.
The Coffee production:
The farm, Finca La Aurora, is located at the North West corner of the Chiriquí province in the region of Piedra Candela; only two kilometers from the border of Costa Rica. The farm is comprised of 31 hectares where 16 hectares are pristine highland rainforest, sitting at the top of the property at an altitude ranging from 1700 to 1775 meters above sea level. The rest of the property, 15 hectares, lying between 1485 and 1700 meters is dedicated to the production of coffee. The average altitude of the plantation is 1,625 meters. Yearly temperature on the farm ranges between 16 and 25 degrees centigrade. Average rainfall veers around 3500 mm.
Today, coffee is planted on 9 hectares and the farm is expanding to 15 hectares in the next two years. Coffee is grown on a semi shade environment provided by endemic species of trees. Part of the shade is provided by high altitude avocado trees of the Hass variety.
The 2012 -2013 harvest yielded 1700 pounds of Geisha and 1600 pounds of Tekisic . All production is sold to international buyers. This year, 2013, the Auromar Geisha Ironman, won first prize in the Best of Panama (BOP) contest on the washed Geisha category.
All Auromar production is processed by Café de Eleta S.A., a state of the art coffee plant and mill only 3 kilometers away from the farm. Café de Eleta installations include a modern laboratory for cupping and hand selection of the best grains and coffees.
Coffee is processed either semi washed or washed. Coffee is sun dryed, and finished drying in the mill. Coffee packing is done at the requirements of clients. We have experience using gran pro packing, burlap or polypropylene. High end coffees are vacuum packed and boxed.
Corporate Citizenship:
Auromar has a strong commitment with the environment, its stakeholders and its clients. Our aim is to produce the best quality coffee in a sustainable environment and preserving at maximum flora and fauna of the farm and its areas of influence. We are a child labor free farm and invest in the quality of life of our workers and their families.

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