Green Sumatra Volkopi Peaberry (Unroasted Coffee Beans)
Green Sumatra Volkopi Peaberry

REGION: Lintong
VARIETAL: Ateng, Djember and Timtim
FARM: Volkopi
ALTITUDE: 1000-18000 M
FARMER: Various




Your typical coffee fruit (cherry) has two beans in it, but sometimes the cherries form with a single bean. This is called peaberry coffee and is considered a higher quality with a sweeter taste. In this case, we all agree.
Our new peaberry comes from the growing region of Lintong in Northern Sumatra near the shores of Lake Toba. A hybrid coffee method used in parts of Indonesia called, Wet-Hulled process (especially in Sumatra) is one of the factors that gives this peaberry its distinct flavor profile. It results in a dark, opal-green coffee with little silverskin clinging to it, and a particular low-acid, earthy, heavy body. In this method, the farmer picks ripe coffee cherry, pulps off the skin and either dries it immediately for one day, or lets it sit overnight in a bucket (with or without water) before drying the next day.

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