Green Kirimahiga AA


REGION: Muranga - Central Kenya
VARIETAL: Ruiru 11, SL 28, SL 34
FARM: Sasani Coffee Mill
ALTITUDE: 1500-1600M
FARMER: Kirimahiga Cooperative

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Green - Unroasted Coffee Beans

The Kirimahiga Cooperative is located at the region of Muranga County in Central Kenya. The beans were hulled and graded by Sasani Coffee Mill. The coffee farms from which these coffee trees were grown are located on the slopes of Mt. Kenya. They are produced by a small group of skilled farmers ranging around 3 - 6,000 who own between 5 to 20 acres of land. The climate and vegetation in this region are green throughout the year with two seasons of well-distributed rainfall.

Crop Husbandry

In order to produce high quality coffee beans, pruning was done on a timely basis to create enough room for the bean's nourishment and to avoid overbearing. Though not an organic certified coffee, farmers in the region use animal manure, organic composed as fertilizers to feed their healthy coffee trees, which are grown on high-fertile volcanic soil. Rainfall is an abundant luxury they experience throughout the year; this results in a consistent green coffee plantation and free from irrigation.


The farmers harvest their coffee by selectively picking the ripe, red and fully developed cherry beans.

Factory Process

After picking the red,ripe cherries, it is taken to the factory for wet or dry processing. The coffee we offer is wet processed. Wet is the process which includes pulping, fermentation, soaking and drying. Pulping is the process in which the red skin of the cherry is removed. Fermentation is the process of removing the white, yellow, creamy substance from the bean. Next, the coffee is soaked in a soaking tank in water to remove foreign odors. Finally, at the factory, the coffee goes through the drying stage process in which coffee beans are gradually transformed from a white color to a black color. Then, when fully dried, the color of the bean changes to a grey blue to greenish in color which high quality Kenya coffee beans are well known for. The inventory of our coffee is fully dried to a minimum of 9.5% to 10.5% moisture content. The moisture content helps maintain the characteristics of the coffee bean such as wine, honey, fruity, sweet, floral, malt and citrus flavors.

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