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Geisha Cupping Event Wrap Up Report

by Heather Perry

This past weekend Klatch Coffee held the first Geisha cupping and warehouse tour for the public. Even though Klatch holds public cuppings monthly at all retail locations, this particular event was unique and special. Not only were guests going to taste top of the line coffee but it also brought them to Klatch's roasting facility.

The event started off by experiencing Klatch's new three bean espresso, Out of Africa. After a few minutes of savoring espresso, all guests moved out of the training lab into the warehouse for a tour and roasting demonstration by Roastmaster Shane Soper. Shane walked everyone through Klatch's roasting philosophy, as well as, a roast of our new crop of Costa Rica Helsar de Zarcero Organic. The roasting demonstration provided all tasters to witness the transformation of the raw green beans to the warm delicious roasted beans they are so familiar with. The real treat came next, as we moved on to the Geisha cupping tables.

On the cupping table we had the Panama Esmeralda Maria San Jose Geisha, Aristar Geisha from Finca La Valentina and winner of 2011 BOP, and the natural process Geisha Don Pachi. From the moment everyone took in the fragrance of the cups they knew they there were in for a special treat. The large group as whole was divided into four tables, where an experienced cupper led the table. Roastmaster Shane Soper, Associated Barista Trainer Liz Lozano, Store Manager Holly Perry, and myself (Heather Perry) were able to guide individual tables through a one of a kind experience. The diversity of experience cuppers alongside new cuppers made the event a success.

The surprise for most tasters was how much the coffees changed from beginning to end. In the beginning all three coffees were liked equally amongst the participants. Some particularly loved the sweet berry of the Don Pachi, while others kept going back for the sweet floral of the Esmeralda. However by the end, the Aristar, which I (Heather) used at the UBC Best of Brew challenge last month, emerged as the clear favorite. The group could not get enough of the complexity and never ending flavors of the Aristar.

Everyone got to take home a bag of the freshly roasted Helsar as well as an exclusive 15% off coupon for any bag of Klatch Coffee.

Overall, the cupping event was a great sensation. If you happen to miss this event, do not worry. Upcoming events are in the works for the near future, stay tune.

View picture from the event here

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