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by The Klatch Team

Geisha plants are originally from a southwestern Ethiopian town named Gesha and are known for their elongated cherries and for having particularly low-yielding bushes. They grow taller and wider than most common varieties so there are few plants per hectare. For these reasons, the plant was not considered commercially viable and was never used to plant entire farms or harvested separately. Further adding to Geisha's rarity, is the fact that only a handful of Panamanian farm produce it.

In the early 1960's Don Pachi Serracin brought the Geisha variety back to Panama from CATIE in Costa Rica, an agricultural research station which houses on of the largest coffee plant collections in the world. Don Pachi started growing Geisha coffee trees on his farm because Geishas were found to be resistant to a disease affecting other coffees. Over time, Don Pachi shared Geisha with a few farms in the Boquete region.

In 2004, Hacienda Esmeralda harvested and cupped the Geisha separately from the rest of the farm's coffee. The result were very promising and they sent a small quantity of it to New York to be entered in the Rain Forest Alliance's coffee competition. This was the first of many competitions the Geisha coffee would win and today, the Geisha continues to beat out coffees from all over the world.

The taste of Geisha changed the coffee story in Panama and world over. There is no arguing that Geisha has stood the test of time as a precious commodity in the coffee industry. And with all the hype, one can say that they will always remember their first cup of Geisha and will always want more. It just simply tastes good!

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