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Direct Trade & Mike's Travels

Mike has once again hit the road - one week after his returned from Ethiopia, Mike is now visiting our Central American Direct Trade partners in Guatemala, El Salvador, Costa Rica and Panama.

Direct Trade is a term used by Klatch which represents a propitious model and relationship between roaster and producer. Designed to meet the needs of private and family coffee farms and co-ops in today's market.

At Klatch we are committed to working with coffee farmers who are true artisans of coffee cultivation and practice their craft with a dedication and passion. We work with and offer our support to these skilled producers for the sole purpose of presenting our customer only the highest-quality coffee. We believe that great coffee is inherently produced through sustainable methods. We therefore only work with farmers who are dedicated to improving and maintaining the economic, social and environmental conditions of their farms and communities. All of this is accomplished through a Direct Trade model and a simple handshake. That's the ways we do business at Klatch.

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