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Decaffeination Ethel Acetate (EA) Water Process

DESCAFECOL Decaffeination, A Natural and Gentle Process

There is no contradiction between modern technology and nature for DESCAFECOL. We use only the most natural agents to decaffeinate coffee beans: crystal clear mountain water and ethyl acetate biologically gained from natural sources as sugar cane molasses.

Ethyl acetate (EA) is contained in many natural products such as fruit and vegetables and is also found in regular roasted coffee. Its consumption is absolutely free of any health risk. EA is permitted in the USA and Europe as a decaffeinating substance or food additive without any restrictions whatsoever. DESCAFECOL employs a specialized "combination procedure" using water and ethyl acetate. The "water-EA method" enables specially selective and gentle caffeine extraction from the coffee bean while pressure or excessive heat treatment are avoided and the natural structure of the green coffee bean cells is retained.

Water-EA Decaffeinated Coffee is one of the Best Products

Decaffeinated coffee, processed by the water-EA method is excellent for roasting. It yields perfect aroma and taste. True quality is guaranteed for every cup. Furthermore, against other decaffeinating processes, the water-EA method shows an outstanding cost-quality ratio.

Decaffeinated and Low Irritant - More than Just a Light Coffee

The water-EA procedure of decaffeination gives the consumer twice its worth. DESCAFECOL provides the ideal alternative to people with heart or circulation conditions, and to those who just want to do without the effects of caffeine enjoying a taste-intensive and light beverage. Another assets of water-EA decaffeinated coffee is that irritant substances are also removed. Those with sensitive stomachs will welcome this benefit.

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