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Cupping Caravan 2010

This is the video report of the FIRST EVER Cupping Caravan that was organized in the Sidama and Yirgacheffe coffee areas of Ethiopia. The Cupping Caravan was financed by USAID through the ATEP program which is implemented by Fintrac Inc. and Boot Coffee. This program strengthening the business linkages between roasters, like Klatch Roasting and other roasters with Ethiopian cooperatives.

Video provided by Willem Boot

FIRST EVER Cupping Caravan in Ethiopia just concluded with a selected group of 16 coffee buyers. Overall, the selected group cupped more than 25 cooperative coffees at different locations using a mobile cupping lab and utilizing Q-protocols. Prior and after the cupping sessions, the buyers exchanged business information with the cooperative farmers from the Sidama and Yirgacheffe Coffee Unions. All cooperatives received immediate feedback about their coffee quality and even more important, all buyers expressed the interest to purchase the available lots that were cupped.

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