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Crazy, Fun Barista Training (Three-Day)

by The Klatch Team

Last November 13-15, we had our Three-Day Barista Training at the Upland Roastery. Right off the bat, the Barista trainees had a very positive vibe, making it an eventful, crazy-fun week! Led by two-time Barista Champ, Heather Perry, the Three-Day Barista covered various topics ranging from proper espresso extraction, milk preparation to Latte art and many more.

The first day was filled with a combination of anxiousness and excitement, knowing that it's going to be all about Espresso and Machine Maintenance ! The main idea of extracting the best tasting espresso starts from the bean to the technical aspect while combining the passion and artistry to the method. Each trainee had the opportunity to grind, extract and taste various crops and how they differ from each other. Once the familiarity and understanding is established to identify a great tasting espresso, then that could build a long lasting effect, turning a regular "pull-a-shot" Barista to a legitimate Coffee Guru. Arthur Hsu was one of the trainees who established what he learned and said "The stronger the roots, the taller the tree".

Day two was focused on Milk preparation, Latte art and various techniques on dosage and tamping. The same intensity and excitement carried over from day one and everyone went down to business. Latte art is a very delicate, artistic process that requires patience (lots of them) and a sponge-like ability to learn. The crew went through buckets of milk as they practiced and learned from our Coffee guru, Todd Goldsworthy.

As the third day shines on, Roast Master, Mike Perry gave an eye-openning "Seed to Cup" presentation to kick-start the day. The trainees were inspired and pumped up afterwards as they transitioned to proper brewing methods, cupping, drink building recipes and blended drinks. Considering the amount of information that trainees needs to take-in, everyone was still going like a NASCAR driver on steroids. Eventually, the day ended pretty late and everyone had an eventful week for both trainees and trainers. Narinder Singh (trainee) said, "It was an unbelievable, intense, three-day course to get your level of espresso and pour raised to incredible levels." He also concluded, "Come learn from the best! Heather is an energetic, enthusiastic teacher who personalizes the instruction to YOUR needs."

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