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Congrats on a Good Job Ontario Team!

WOW! Is all I have to say.

Dear Mike,
I have to thank you for exceeding my expectations. Two of gentlemen at your Ontario location rescued me from a disaster this past Wednesday. We were hosting a small meeting with some major buyers. I am usually in charge of hospitality for these meetings. I placed an order with a restaurant for some pastries and coffee the day before the meeting. When I arrived for pick-up they had not only did not have my order ready but had no log of me even calling prior. Talk about TERRIBLE. I remembered I had some espresso at Klatch on Tuesday. I called in to find out if there was anything they could do. The gentleman I spoke to (I believe was named Kiasa) suggested the coffee to go or something like that. I only had less than 30 minutes to whip something together. I rushed over to Klatch and they “WOW’d” me. Kiasa suggested some pastries they could slice for me into finger foods and warm up while the other guy (LOL, Joe how could I even forget his name) brewed up some coffee FRESH for me. I really appreciate excellence customer service. In my business the service is EVERYTHING to me. I will definitely be suggesting Klatch for more of our functions. It was such a pleasure to be on time to my meeting. Amazingly enough there were so many raves about the coffee and pastries. I had to call back and thank the crew you have behind the counter. I just feel that isn’t enough. Which is the reason I am writing you. I feel it’s my responsibility as a customer who is truly satisfied to let you know how AWESOME that experience was. That was a totally hectic day, as most of my days are, and to be able to have someone lift even a small weight off my shoulders for a minute was a relief. Kiasa and Joe should be commended and acknowledged for doing such a great job! Thank you for taking the time to hire people who value the customer.

Geniffer Cloud
Aldelano Packaging Corporation

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